Don't get stuck!!

Give Your Tires BITE !
in MUD, SAND, SNOW and ICE !

Finally! a safe, lightweight, durable, easy-to-use and highly effective traction pad is available to protect motorists from most soft-traction emergencies! By simply placing Lions Grips under your tires at first loss of traction, you can usually just drive out of harm's way.

Even the most careful driver can become stuck, and it always happens when you can least afford it! In many emergencies, it is all but impossible to walk to a telephone. Even with a cellular phone, you can wait a long time for a tow truck.

About the product

Lion's Grip Traction Pads are made from high tech, patented material with over 900 pounds tensile strength, that is nevertheless extremely light and portable.

Our research has led us to the very best material for this use. We have tested Lions Grips in many road and weather conditions (see photo).

Keep a pack of Lion's Grip Traction Pads in your vehicles at all times, along with chains, tool and safety kits, and all important emergency items.



  • Use Lions Grips with the wavy side down for best results.
  • Put Lions Grips in front and back of driving tires; poke them under a bit to make contact.
  • In snow, lay three Lions Grips in a row in front of each driving tire.
  • In very watery mud, sandwich two Lions Grips together under each driving tire.
  • Use Lions Grips under all tires for best traction.

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Lion's Grip Traction Pads™

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Thank you! to the following LIONS GRIP Traction Pads™ users for giving us their testimonials of success.



Stuck In

Time of Year


Time to Get Out
Neal S.
Springfield, Massachusetts Ice January Van 10 Minutes
Verne G.
Kelseyville, California Mud February Heavy big-rig 5 Minutes
Hans L.
Reno, Nevada Snow February Light pickup 15 Minutes
Evansville, Indiana  Lawn  Spring  Lawn Tractor  12 Minutes
Vic B.
Ahwahnee, California Mud May Pickup 15 Minutes

Friend's friend
Lake Co., California  Wet Clay  Early Spring  3/4 ton Pickup  Few Minutes 
Jack J.
Santa Rosa, California  Mud  October   Car  Short-time 
Bob P.
Mammoth Lakes, California  Snow  November Car   5 Minutes 

Wolfgang W.
Bad Mergentheim, GERMANY   Snow  December   Car 15 Minutes 
Ted W.
LaGrange, Kentucky  Snow/Ice  January  Big box truck  10 Minutes  

Keith S.
Cobb Mt., California   Deep Mud  January   Heavy Pick-up 25 Minutes 
James P.
E. Kingston, New Hampshire  Ice Ruts & Snow   January  '90 Mazda Pick-up  5 Minutes  

Gary & Pat P.
Kern Canyon, California   Snow  January   Geo 10 Minutes 

Rob R.
Upper Lake, California   Wet Grass  February   Pick-up 2 Minutes 
Molly P.
Valdez, Alaska  Snow  March  '93 Oldsmobile Achieva  3 Minutes  

Volkan K.
TURKEY  Snow & Mud  March   MercedesBenz E200 45 Minutes 

Parham Y.
Mt. Baldy, California  Iced parking lot  Janch   SUV E200 3 Minutes 

Truck Driver
Northern Calif.  Mud  January  Delivery truck 15 Minutes 

Ski patrols say,
"Get some Traction Pads and get out quick!"

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