Artificial forms of "vitamin A" can be highly toxic, and are nothing like the real thing!

The remedies in CoughWontStop website must ONLY be done with Vitamin A from fish liver oil!

Look for the words "from fish liver oil" on the bottle. Do not use any other kind of vitamin A! Synthetic vitamin A, made in a chemical laboratory by using radiation, should never be taken without a doctor's direct supervision. Synthetic vitamin A usually, but not always, says "irradiated" in the fine print.

Don't get suckered into the panicdemic around Vitamin A!

Years ago, a company marketed an acne cream with an ingredient that was made from a synthetic chemical that was similar to vitamin A. That artificial form of vitamin A was so potent that it caused birth defects in babies born to mothers who had used that cream. Of course, that cream is no longer produced.

But the fact that the chemical in that acne cream could legally be called "Vitamin A" has caused all forms of vitamin A to be warned against. Every single doctor will immediately tell you, "Too much vitamin A can be highly toxic!" There's a global panicdemic of media against the very vitamin that can do the most good in fighting infections!

Adelle Davis, a biochemist and author, said that to get an overdose of natural vitamin A, one would have to eat polar bear liver, which contains millions of units of it. And even if one did get that much natural vitamin A, the only effects would be mild thinning of hair, itchy skin, and the like. These symptoms would simply disappear once one stopped taking that much vitamin A. To prevent even these mild symptoms, if you inadvertently eat polar bear liver or a whole bottle of natural vitamin A, all you need to do to prevent unpleasant symptoms is to take natural vitamin D along with the vitamin A.

The artificial compound in the acne cream, marketed as "vitamin A," was chemically very different from the natural, fish-liver-oil vitamin A! In my opinion, such artificial chemicals should not be allowed to be called "vitamin A" at all. The only chemical that really is should be called "vitamin A" is called retinol. Retinol occurs primarily in animal livers. Retinol is immediately active in the human body ~ it does not have to go through biological "processing" in our bodies in order to work. Beta carotene, which comes from plants, however, is not immediately active in our bodies. It must be "processed" by complex chemical steps before it turns into retinol and can work for us. When we're sick, these chemical processing steps often are not up to par, and we don't turn beta carotene into retinol efficiently.

Real vitamin A gives the body great immunity from many, many forms of disease and infection, and protects the health like no other vitamin can. When we are fighting infection, our vitamin A requirement skyrockets, because infections use up vitamin A in the body very quickly. At times of illness, we can and should be taking way more vitamin A than we normally do. But, how much to take?

Dr. Mercola, M.D. writes:

"There is a big difference between synthetic vitamin A and vitamin A from natural sources. Most cases of vitamin A toxicity result from an excess intake of synthetic vitamin A in supplements, NOT the natural form of retinol (vitamin A) found in liver or cod liver oil. ... the safe upper single dose of retinol IN OIL seems to be 12,000 to 18,000 units of vitamin A per kilogram of body weight."

So, a person who weighs 150 pounds (= about 70 kilograms) can safely take perhaps 12,000 X 70 or 840,000 units of vitamin A in a single dose. Our ABC remedies go up to only about 80,000 units in a single dose, usually less. We think these doses are completely safe for several weeks or months, and perhaps longer. This author has taken as much as five such doses per day (=400,000 units) for three days, and then reduced it to about 150,000 units per day and continued that for several months, two years in a row. Never any adverse effects at all.

Dr. Mercola stresses the words "IN OIL" because vitamin A that has been made into a powder has much higher toxicity than the natural, oil-based retinol.

The importance of fish-liver-oil Vitamin D

Dr. Mercola goes on to say: "It is virtually impossible to become toxic on vitamin A if you take it along with vitamin D." In my experience (I am medium height and weight), I require a minimum of 1200 units of Vitamin D per day, in order to utilize my calcium. Much trial and error on my part has gone into this; 800 units will not alleviate my arthritis and mentrual symptoms, but 1200 will completely alleviate them. D is one of the hottest new subjects of discussion among health-food connoisseurs. However, the researchers are repeating the warning that D can be toxic, and that anyone taking it as a supplement should be closely monitored by a health-conscious medical practitioner.

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