"B" Yourself!

Dose UP on the B-Rich Foods
To fight off lingering infections.

In this author's opinion, it is crucial for anyone with The Cough to add the
B-RICH FOODS in quantity to your daily diet.

To "B" yourself, think of putting as full a spectrum, and as many possible combinations, of B vitamins into yourself as you possibly can. The way to do this is by combining several B-Rich Foods at every meal for several days. Only foods, not pills, have full collections of living B vitamins, both the known and the undiscovered B vitamin compounds.

The B vitamins help the body fight off infections. When we're low in B's, as almost everyone today is, infections can linger without healing. B's also are involved with every cell's energy production. When the B's are low, energy falls off drastically. If one is under stress of any kind, or does strenuous exercise, this further depletes the B's.

There have been diseases in the past, such as pellagra and beri beri, that appeared to be contagious. They were ravaging whole sections of the world. But upon close study, it was revealed that pellagra and beri beri were caused by deficiencies of groups of B vitamins. Perhaps The Cough is similar in this respect.

B vitamins all work together, and are all needed in the diet together. If some are oversupplied, this may actually cause a deficiency in the ones that are undersupplied. Since science does not know all the B vitamins as yet, it stands to reason that no B vitamin supplement can contain "all" the B vitamins, and should not be taken over a long period of time. Furthermore, synthetic B vitamins differ quite a lot from their natural counterparts. It is the B-Rich Foods that must become the foundation of one's B vitamin reinvigoration.

Start right now with whatever B-Rich Foods you have on hand (see list below). Then plan for shopping tomorrow to obtain some liver (or liver pills if you can't take liver), and other items on the top two lists. You want to get liver daily for several days, and include as many of the B-Rich Foods as possible in your daily diet.

Just as important: Eliminate the B robbers: white flour, white rice, white sugar, and alcohol, in all their forms. These include white flour breads, pastas, bakery goods, tortillas, and white rice. It also includes "whole wheat" breads that are mostly white flour, and eliminating any breads that contain sugar. And this includes anything with the words "wheat flour" in the labelling. "Wheat flour" just means that it comes from wheat! It is not whole wheat flour. The label must say "100% whole Wheat" or "100% Whole Grain" to be the real thing. And this includes eliminating, at least for a few weeks, anything with sugar listed in the label. It appears that even small amounts of sugar can rob one of B vitamins, and for now, we want to build up the B vitamins, not diminish them. See below for more B-Robbers.

Also, quit any junk food habits! Make fresh fruits and fresh vegetables the bulk of your food intake --- plan each meal to include "three bowls" --- a whole grain or bean source, a fresh vegetable or fruit source, and a fresh protein source.

Supplements should not be relied on for B vitamins, or if you must take them, they must be accompanied each time you take them by plenty of whole foods rich in B's (see below). Vitamin B supplements might build up deficiencies in the B vitamins not included in the formula. It is very important to rely on B-Rich Foods, not supplements, for one's B vitamins. If you must take B vitamins in supplements, it is all the more important to include foods such as liver, brewer's yeast, and wheat germ with them every time you take them.

How to "B" Yourself!

Begin with Wholesome Liver

Liver is the richest source of B vitamins, plus being full of many other health-promoting, infection-fighting factors. Shop for grass-fed sources if at all possible, or if not, try to get organic or "natural raised" liver. Beef, calf, chicken, pork --- there are many kinds of liver. All are good. We like grass-fed beef liver best smothered in fried onions. I cut the liver into finger-size strips, roll them in a mixture of whole wheat flour, salt, pepper and curry powder, and fry them in olive oil. Keep the heat as low as possible, and turn often.

Eat liver twice daily for a few days, then at least every other day for several more days.

If you can't stand liver, perhaps you can take powdered liver, either in capsules or in V-8 juice.

Every day, make yourself a
B-Cereal Treat

I take this in the late afternoon, and it can really eliminate the post-work drag. To a small bowl of 100% whole grain cereal, add
Ground up sunflower seeds, about 1 tablespoon (grind them in a coffee grinder and keep a supply in the fridge)
Raw wheat germ, about 2 teaspoons or more
Molasses (100% organic blackstrap), a drizzle
Milk or juice

Sit down and enjoy. Nap if you feel like it.

Yogurt, a B vitamin factory right inside you!

The beneficial bacteria in yogurt produce large quantities of B vitamins right in your intestines. I like to think of making my own yogurt, inside myself! At least once a day, I drink some milk and take a spoon of plain yogurt with it. The yogurt should act like a "starter" and culture the milk along the way. (Commercially sweetened yogurts have been pasturized and thus contain no beneficial bacteria. Only yogurt labelled "plain" seems to contain any living bacteria.)

Keep Ground Sunflower Seeds On Hand

Grind raw sunnies in your coffee grinder or blender, and keep a carton of this sunflower seed meal in your fridge. It adds tons of flavor to foods, and seems to work especially well with raw wheat germ.

Dry frying sunflower seeds on the stove sends up a lovely aroma. Such a condiment really enhances the morning's cereal.

Have a B-Drink

Several possibilities exist for delicious B-Rich Drinks. Hot milk with a tablespoon of sunflower seed meal and a tablespoon of molasses, becomes quite thick and lovely. Or blended fresh fruit, yogurt, sunflower seed meal and molasses. See how many drinks you can think up using molasses and/or sunflower seed meal.

Yogurt OJ Popsicles

If you don't have a popsicle freezer, use small jigger glasses, ice cube trays, or whathaveyou. Place a popsicle stick, plastic spoon, or... in the mix. The mix? Just use half plain yogurt and half frozen orange juice (thawed). Mix well and freeze for popsicles.

Nut Butters

...of all kinds are full of B's, as long as they are just the pure ground nuts, nothing added.

Bean dishes

...of all kinds are also full of B's. Bean soups, stewed beans, lentil stews, veggie soups with beans, pea soups,

Sweet Tooth?

Your health depends on starving your sweet tooth right now. You can indulge it again later, after you've recovered. But if you just have to have something sweet, focus on fresh fruits. If still not enough, use blackstrap molasses on some whole grain cereal, or as a B-Drink. Other sweeteners that don't seem to rob the B's as much as sugar and honey are sugarless, whole fruit jams, and frozen orange juice and apple juice (thawed). Also, dried fruits, simmered in a bit of water to soften, make a very nice sweet topping for hot cereal.

Bowl of Mixed Nuts

Keeping a bowl of raw mixed nuts on hand seems to cut the edge while making these dietary changes. Mix in raw sunnies to boost the B content of the nuts.

To B or Not to B!
Eat the B-Rich Foods and
Avoid the B-Robbers

Top sources of B's...have these daily for several days

Brewer's Yeast
Wheat Germ (raw)
Rice polish
Plain yogurt (NOT sweetened, unless you add molasses, orange juice concentrate, sugarless jam, etc.)
Take milk after the yogurt, to grow B vitamins in your intestines
Sunflower seeds (raw)
Molasses (Organic Blackstrap)

Also very good sources of B's...eat these as your staples

100% Whole Grain Products of all kinds, such as
100% Whole Wheat Pastas in many forms, cooked with very little water (it IS possible:-)
100% Whole Grain Bread without sugar or honey
Whole Wheat Pizza dough
Oat meal & other whole grain hot cereal, living whole kernels being the best
100% Whole grain cold cereals
Brown rice
Corn products

B-Robbers --- Stop the Constant Intake of these

Sugar, even in bread, coffee, tea, etc.
White flour products, including these...
White-flour Pastas
White-flour Bread
White-flour Bakery goods
White-flour Pizza dough; also, other milled grains such as...
White rice
Most boxed cereals with sweeteners
B vitamin pills
~ these can cause deficiencies in B vitamins, because they drain the B's that are not present in the pill out of your system ~ and no B-vitamin pill has all the B vitamins in it

If you must eat the above foods, sprinkle on a teaspoon of raw wheat germ with it. If you must take B vitamin supplements, Adelle Davis says ALWAYS accompany them with B-rich food sources.

In moderation, once or twice a week perhaps, these B-depleting foods might not worsen your cough, as long as the B-rich foods are supplied in profusion. But a steady diet of the B-robbers, and a lack of the B-rich foods, has gotten ME into trouble, and maybe you, too. At first, don't eat any of them for several days.

The idea for now is to do all you can to dose up your body on as large a collection and assortment of B vitamins as Nature can provide, and stop the constant draining of the B's due to sugar, white flour, white rice, alcohol, etc. Even physical exercise can be a B-robber --- anything that speeds up the metabolism uses up the B's. After you've gotten The Cough under control or, hopefully, eliminated, you can think about adding back some B-robbing foods. Your cough will be your personal guide ~ when you eat or drink sugar, the cough returns. You can decide if it's worth it to you to eat those sugary sweets.

Desserts don't need to be dosed with sugar. Fresh fruit cut up, with frozen apple or orange juice trickled over them, or 100% fruit jams spooned on, are delicious. Yogurt with lots of 100% fruit jams is also great. Sprinkle lots of chopped nuts on top, and make a sundae. Or banana split, with three different flavors of fruit jam.

Best luck to you. My heart goes with you!

~~~ Kim Salisbury

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