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What are people saying about their persistent and incurable coughs? These are posts that come to us from this website, as well as other discussion forums. No personal information will ever be revealed.

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Your Experiences

Concern about copper content
May, 2011

Hi there,

Very helpful information on your website about the coughing and High B complex foods to cure it. I saw your vitamin ABC's which make sense, as A & C as responsible for scavenging toxins and healing.

However, I was thinking that maybe the foods you say are B-complex rich are actually benefiting you because they are all high in Copper. Molassess, Sunflower Seeds, Liver etc. It could be you were low in copper and too high in Zinc (antagonist) and these foods helped [snip].

I hope you are correct that B complex is the way to go, however I do hope it's not just a copper deficiency instead, because taking those foods in the long term can cause Copper Toxicity.

Just my thoughts
Thanks for a great website.

OUR RESPONSE: Beef liver is indeed quite high in copper. According to the USDA it has about 9.8 milligrams of copper per 100 grams of liver (roughly 1/4th pound). But, one is not going to eat beef liver for huge lengths of time --- I ate it twice a day for maybe 3 to 5 days.

Per 100 grams of food, the other livers and B-rich ingredients have very normal amounts of copper, as follows:

chicken or pork liver, 0.5 mg
sunflower seeds, 1.8 mg
wheat germ, 0.8 mg
flax seed, 1.2 mg
molasses, 0.5 mg

In my experience, I needed small amounts (1 to 3 teaspoons) of the above foods, for a week or two, but after that, I ate them very infrequently.

Compare this to the copper content of other commonly-eaten grains, beans and nuts, which we eat in much larger quantities, and one can see there is no need to worry about copper problems in taking the B-Rich foods as I did:

Whole wheat, 0.6 mg
Brown rice, 0.3 mg
Walnuts, 1.6 mg
Almonds, 0.9 mg
Corn (dry), 0.2 mg
Peanuts, 1.1 mg
Beans, about 0.4 to 0.7 mg

Lung tear cured!
November 2010

I'm writing to you to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks and appreciation for taking the time to write about the ABC cure for a chronic cough. I live in South Africa where we head toward winter in the month of May. I presented a course in the evening, to which a gentleman brought his young son who to my surprise had a very bad cough. We chatted afterward and were in close proximity for some time.

The next evening the group arrived again to complete the course. A half an hour before they arrived I was preparing for the evening when I had a sudden incident that I thought was a very bad asthma attack. I used an asthma spray inhaler which helped but the next day I was in bed with what I thought was severe flu. But this was different from flu! I had a terrible cough which caused a pain in my chest on the left side in the centre. Each time I coughed it felt as if a knife was being stuck into my heart and then twisted around. When I finally started to feel better and was up and about I realised the cough was not going away. Lots of phlegm and a post nasal drip and the pain in my chest - I saw on the internet this was a due to a tear in the lung lining caused by the coughing.

In September it was clear that the cough was not going to go away. I could not have a proper social or working life anymore and was in bed for 2-3 days every other week. There was just no improvement and the visits to the doctor had no effect. When I felt better it would be for part of the day then I would have a sudden coughing episodes and continuous nasal drips. At one stage I started to get very concerned that my voice box would suffer permanent damage. I started to search the internet and it took a few weeks before I stumbled across your site - just when I thought I would not find anything and had decided to give up looking.

I came across your site in October, exactly 5 months after the first coughing attack. . I immediately went to get the vitamins. From the testimonials I knew I had found what I was looking for. I cut out using white flour, sugar, coffee, and bought lots of fruit and veg. I took wheatgerm in fruit juice each day. I changed my eating routine, and in about 2 - 3 days time I noticed an improvement. Now today - 8 November 2010, I can tell you I am completely healed. The very slight pain in my chest where the tear occurred is also nearly gone. I can now go to the gym again and exercise. I did not get a bad cold as you described your experience, I just kept getting steadily better.

I have now completely changed what I thought was a reasonable diet to one which is mainly fruit, veg and nuts and low GI wholegrain products and will stay on it for the rest of my life - and I now have energy - the fatigue that I used to suffer from is gone. There is no way I am going to give that up. The cough was devastating - but what I have gained from the knowledge on your website is going to be of benefit to me for the rest of my life - so in the light of that there really are no words to thank you enough for taking the time and love to share your experience and the cure with the world. Thank you - THANK YOU!

ABC remedy healed cough!
January, 2008

I just want to tell you that my cough heals with your ABC remedy. I just want to thank the person who come up with the web site: Cough Won't Stop but could not find the name and e-mail address. Thanks.

You're very welcome! I'm so happy to hear you've kicked the cough! Thanks so much for contacting me. I'd love to hear more about what you've tried, and also from others who have tried these remedies.

"Health Nut" helped by this regimen
November 17, 2007

I am a wacko health nut who lives on organic food, spelt flour, echinacea, wheatgrass, spirulina, etc. so imagine my surprise when I became ill with constant coughing--I don't smoke! and exhaustion. I need energy for my law practice, I was running on E.

I began your regimen yesterday and it is already helping, thanks so much!

ABC Remedy and Diet Change Worked
August 9, 2006

Thank you!! I tried the ABC method for getting rid of this cough I have had since May 3rd and I slept all through the night last night.

Coming across your website was like getting a miracle cure. I was skeptical about the cod liver oil tablets, but it seems to have really helped. I thought I was the only one with this hideous cough - it was zapping the life out of me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have no problem adjusting what I eat as long as the cough will go away.

From Palm Beach, Florida, USA
March 31, 2006

" I have a cough that won't quit".
It is worse at night. I took antibiotics that helped me breathe again but this persistant tickle with mucus to the point of choking has been going on for several months. It's like a plague is going around. My daughter developed the "cough" and had to use a nebulizer which didn't help much. I think there is a type of superbug going around that our technology just can't understand as of yet. We have never had a cough of this type before, in our family. This cough seems to be infecting the whole community. We can hear the neighbors coughing at all hours, for , literally, months now. Forget the Bird Flu, cure the "COUGH".

From the UK
March 21, 2006

I've have been reading what you say about the coughing thats going around It's over here (in the UK).I realised when reading just how many of us cough all the time. I myself always has a constant tickly throat. A few of my family have it. I'm going to try your ABC Remedy.
(I'm the Guinea pig)
(I haven't had liver for a long time)
What you say makes sense.
And kind regards

From Chicago, Illinois
March 16,2006

Thank Goodness! I'm not the only person with a chronic cough. My cough began in December 2005 after a really bad cold. My cough is not painful, and no phlegm. My cough is just really really annoying. My doctor have given me two differnt prescriptions and niether worked. I went to the doctor today and now my doctor has prescribed me something for "acid reflux cough." I have been having panic attacks because I can't figure out why I have this persistent cough. It make me feel better knowing that there are people going through what I'm going through. Good Luck with finding a remedy.

What is going on?
Feb 23, 2006

Four 4 years I started out with flu like symptons and then the results end up with a chronic cough that I cannot get away from. I am up at night, I set up in a chair because somehow it helps me from not coughing much. i have started to split up mucus. My body aches and now I am losing my appetite. This site is wonderful. for some reason I just knew that I am the only one that goes this every year. Somehow I caught flu like symptons in November but the way the weather changes up, I got sick in February. What I have noticed is that the weather may be a factor. When the winters are cold and we do not get any warm weather, that's when I know that I am going to get this cough., and that what has happened. Now i am expecting to cought like this for a couple of months. My lungs are sore, my sides are hurting from coughing. i can go on and on.

Surgery didn't help six-year-old girl
February 12, 2006

comment = my daughter coughs all the time. she is 6. i took her to allergists, had x-rays done, and recently had surgery. had adenoids, uvula, and tonsils out. i got many second opinions and they all said i needed to do the surgery. well' it's been almost 2 months since the surgery. she has had no relief. she coughs all night. her school calls me all the time. my work is ready to fire me. she has no fever. i don't know what to do to help her. we are both exhausted. SENDER =

Seasonal cough, help requested
February 12, 2006

I've had a persistent cough described by a few here. It goes away during the summer and comes back every winter. I've had it for about 10 years. Cough drops slow it down a little but, that's only temporary. I've tried ephedren and that seems to help. It gets worse when I lie down. If I'm sitting or standing perfectly bolt upright it gets much better. As soon as I leave this position the cough returns. If anyone has experienced this seasonal cough and has successfully beat it please let me know.

The B-Train (Liver & Sunflower Seeds) Helps!
January 24, 2006

Please, please be careful about long-term use of cough medicine, or really any medicine that only treats the symptoms, not the cause.

For those of you who have nasal drip, I do too, but I'm convinced it's because I've not yet eliminated all the bad food in my diet - things I'm allergic to such as soy and things that are just not good for me such as white anything... it's sort of a low-key allergic reaction. I have Celiac Disease - cannot eat what, oats, rye or barley so my pickin's are slimmer than most ;-)

I had the cough for 16 months... it was awful. If I hadn't been self-employed I'd probably have lost my job! But I went on the B Train (lots of liver and sunflower seeds)... and I have to tell you, I'm convinced it is what has all but eliminated the cough. I have an occassional tickle (you all know *that* tickle) and cough, but for the most part it's all but gone.

Thanks so much, Kim, for keeping this site afloat! I know at times it must feel like you're preaching to a brick wall... but you helped me and I'm very grateful.

Have tried so many medications! It's taking the life out of me!
January 10, 2006

thanks for this website, now i know i am not alone in this predicament. i have been having this persistent hacking cough with clear phlegm since the year 2000 almost six years, i do not know what brought it on, however, i have observed my extreme sensitivity to strong fragrance, household cleaning agents, dust, grass and all what nots. I cough so much and so hard that people around feel like i need the paramedics/ER. If i had just eaten within the past hour or two, there is always a 100% chance that the food or whatever i had taken in will be pueuked.i have taken so many madications, i don't smoke, no fever, no headaches,i stay fit and healthy but this cough seems to be taking the life and fun out of me. the doctors don't know what to do. i have had chest x-rays, throat culture, ENT, visits to allergist all to no avail. in 2005 i coughed from january till october then it stopped in novermber and started worse again in january 2006. > please somebody help me, i am taking claritin and flonase, robutassin, and sometimes theraflu. this cough is really distrupting any activity i wish to participate in.
SENDER = [If we had your email address, we might be able to contact you!]

Tried many things, but "no effect on my symptoms"
December 31, 2005

Wow! Someone out there to share this with. Seems like I have this constant heavyness in my chest. Seems it's on the left side. Always trying to clear my throat to no avail. Sometimes when I breath it causes some slight discomfort in my back. At night I sleep for a couple of hour and wake up to coughing till I have to get up. Thanks to cough drops that help alittle it gives me something to cough loose. I know a temperory fix,not a cure just something.I've tryed advair,asmya inhalers,and presadone which doesn't have any effect on my symtoms. No insurance at this time but tired of thinking it will go away.Stopped smoking 6 yrs. ago. This started as an allergy 2 yrs ago. Thanks to some of the people that have written maybe theres something here that I can give to my doctor! thanx for being here!! Sincerly, Garyj

Bronchogenic cyst found by I.V. contrast CAT scan - Michigan
May 24, 2005

My 13 year old daughter had similar symptoms [to another child described in the group discussion]. After 2 years of coughing from what we thought was possibly pertussis, asthma, etc., after many tests and specialists input, the doctors found a very rare condition called a bronchogenic cyst. These are usually found in infancy, but for some reason, despite many x-rays, it was not found till an i.v. contrast cat scan was done this past fall. Bronchogenic cysts are actually undeveloped lung buds. They fill up with fluid and can push organs out of place. They can be attached to things such as bronchial tree, aorta, etc. They can also be a source of infection as they rupture. One of the major symptoms is uncontrolled, unsurpassable and unexplained coughing. These are very rare, but might be worth checking into. All of our experts were shocked to find this in our child. It is removed by thoracotomy.

Here is a pretty good article about Bronchogenic Cysts, for any interested: fordoctor

An I.V. Contrast CAT scan is a CAT scan in which dye is used for contrast (that may be the case in all CAT scans?). My daughter's cyst never showed up in x-rays, but was clearly seen on the scan. The doctor who ordered the scan is a Pediatric Pulmonologist/ Allergist. We had been to other pulmonologists and allergists in the past, but this fellow was determined to find the problem and not, as many others had, dismiss the cough as 'habit cough'. We reside in Southern Michigan. Our daughter was otherwise healthy, but because of the severity of the cough and wheeze, missed most of the last 2 school years (had to be placed in the 'homebound' program.)

This is an abnormality that is rarely found. It can lead to death in infants, as can restrict breathing. The cyst develops in the latter days of fetal development,while the child is still in the womb. It is an extra 'lung bud'.

Though these cysts are rare, it might be worth considering investigating, for some. My daughter went through hell (emotionally and physically) till we found it and had it removed.

Hope this helps -
SENDER = C. Jones

From someone in New York who makes plea to doctors,
July 14, 2004

Hi! I am from NY. I've read all your comments here and I am quite relieved that I am not alone with my case. I went out overseas and stayed there for almost a month. After 2 weeks of staying there, I had this terrible itch in my throat and when I swallow, it's very painful. Later on, I started coughing. It gotten worst, especially at night when I was about to get my sleep or during in the middle of my sleep, to the point that I gagged so bad I could hardly breathe. The pharmacist gave me some medicine. After a week of taking it, my coughing worked! Now that I am back from my trip, two days after, my coughing is back again. I took Robitussin, but it didn't work. I am using Cepacol to numb my very itchy throat, however, short term relief only. I took zyrtec just awhile ago... To the doctors around, please help us. We are suffering here!!!!

From a non-smoker in Ohio, coughed for 3 weeks,
July 13, 2004

I've had this cough for about 3 weeks now & It's driving me & everyone else crazy. I have never had a cough like this it's a dry cough that starts with a tickle in my throat, some times I cough so hard and long that I think my head is going to explode. I'm 34 yrs. old and I dont smoke & I live in ohio.

From Ohio mother whose son has been coughing for 6 months,
July 8, 2004

My son has been coughing for 6 months, we have recently moved into this house 8 mos. ago, I also have had a cough for about 2 mos. the doctors gave singulair for my 3 year old, it does not seem to be working, my 1 year old started coughing now, and he gags. I am writing this in july 2004, I have not seen any recent posts about this epidemic like cough? Tracey, ohio

From someone who got off "junk sugar drinks,"
June 29, 2004

I had many of the symptoms described by others here after a 4 month bout with pneummonia-like symptoms including persistent headache, cough, sore throat and wheezing and shortness of breath in 1998. It happened to be springtime. My Doctor prescribed Claritin (for allergies). I thought he was wrong because I'd never had allergies before in my life. Well after 1 week taking Claritin-D, the symptoms went away. I continued to take it for 30 days until I ran out. After running out, I developed a persistent phlegmmy cough year round.

The next spring; same problems. Sore throat, cough, headaches for 3-4 weeks followed by a nasty unending cold/bronchitis type symptoms.

So then i was convinced I was experiencing allergies (probably to oak tree pollen since we have tons of them). I was also getting phlemmy coughs year round and discovered that milk and large consumption of sugary drinks caused this and worsened the allergy symptoms. Strangely CocaCola was the worst trigger (not Cherry Coke, Pepsi, or others, but only Coke!)

Taking Claritin or generic Loratadine daily year round and avoiding milk and too much junk sugar drinks has completely eliminated my chronic problems.

If I do notice any sign of a sore throat or nasal congestion, i will also take one 12 hour non-drowsy Pseudophedrine pill for about a week until I am sure it clears up.

This strategy has cured my allergy and chronic symptoms plus when I get cold viruses, the Pseudophedrine eliminates all cold symptoms.

Prior I had tried every home remedy incl. garlic, vitamins, tea, blah blah you name it. Benedryl worked okay, but puts me straight to sleep and only lasts 4 hours.

24 hour non-drowsy Loratadine 10mg (aka Claritin)and 12 hour non-drowsy Psuedophedrine (aka Suphedrine) are available very cheap at Walmart or Sam's Club.

Please give it a shot for 2 to 3 months. You will get your life back.

From someone whose cough is right- or left-sided,
June 9, 2004

For the past 2 years or so I have had this dry hacking cough. It is way worse at night when I am trying to sleep or it wakes me from a sleep at least twice a night every night. I have to get up when it hits and go to a different room so I don't wake up my partner. It occasionally happens during the day too. I even take cough suppressant syrup at night before bed but it does not work. It starts with a tickle in the throat, and the tickle is only on one side of the throat. Then the coughing starts and what is really strange, is that the side of my throat that has the tickle, my nose gets runny and my eye waters only on the same side as the tickle. The tickle, the watery eye and the runny nose happen on the left side and the right side equally, there is no one side that it happens more frequently on. It is very irritating and not to mention I have not had a full night's sleep since I have had this cough. I finally have had enough and am going to the doctor tomorrow. I looked up a dry chronic cough on the internet, and it says it could be any number of things ranging from post nasal drip to lung cancer. I am a smoker which I'm sure doesn't help matters, and as weird as this sounds, my cough is actually better when I smoke (like during the day) and worse when I dont smoke (when Im trying to sleep). Does anyone else experience this same thing with the tickle, runny nose, and watery eye just on one side at a time?

From a smoker among non-smokers, all with The Cough,
June 6, 2004

I am a smoker, and I find that doctor's typically jump to that as my cause. I have co-workers (who don't smoke) that experienced the same as I.

I have had NO relief since I contracted a cold at work December 2003. The cough seems to susside with CONSTANT drinking. Silly as it sounds, I find the most relief with a soda, where the fizz will "scratch" the itch at the back of my throat. Ice also seems to work - by letting a SMALL piece of ice rest at the back of my throat for as long as possible.

I work in a courtroom, where I must be quiet, and these last six months have been extremely difficult for me.

Doctors have given me antibiotics, and "pearls" Benzonatate 100 mg - all to no avail. I find that Nyquil at night helps me get to sleep, but I wake frequently through the night. I have water at my bedside every night now....which in turn makes me get up to go to the restroom. A full night's sleep is something of the past, not my present.

I'm online now trying to find SOMETHING that will help....thanks for your site.

From someone recently discharged from the military, June 3, 2004
Now that i've read all of your messages, I know that im am not alone. I too have been coughing up the phelm for the past 3 months! It's throughout the day and when I do it in the early morning, I tend to vomit my last meal and phelm. At first I thought I had problems with my lungs but I realized that the area that's making me cough is in my throat. It's like somethings tickeling it. I was just recently discharged from the Military and they said that this cough was common and that it lasts for a few months. But after reading everyone's comments im afraid that if it ever goes away,I'll come back. Also, the Doc says that he's seen it before but has no idea what it is. There's something seriously wrong here and the govt. needs to find out!

From Tennessee also, May 30, 2004
I'm in TN also. The cough started last fall with a cold. I got over the cold by the cough stayed on. It starts out like a severe tickle in the back of the throat and then I have to hack it out. Most of the times its a dry cough, but sometimes produces a clear salty phlem. Sometimes, I tried to control the cough by not coughing. When the tickle was held back, it burned and bought on difficulty in breathing. The cough seems worse under stressful conditions or in a heated room. It completely goes away after a nights rest, but returns almost as soon as I wake up.

From someone who had chronic bronchitis, May 12, 2004








From someone with "bacterial pneumonia," May 10, 2004
I am 19 years old and thought I was decently a heathly person. I caught a horrible cold which was diagnosed as bacterial pneumonia in mid-november '03. It left me in bed for almost 4 weeks. Finally I started to come out of it, after heavy medication and codeine cough syrup.Now its June and I still have the cough plus sinus and ear trouble. I am a smoker but have never experienced anything like this in my life. I cough constantly, at home, at work (where I deal with the public all day) in the cold, or hot. It just doesnt matter. My cough however, stops at night so I dont lose much sleep. Its frustrating because I cant do any of the things I used to enjoy. I'm so tired and irritable all the time its become a very depressing matter. I live in a house of 5 and am the only one dealing with this. Nothing seems to be helping. I think the government has something to do with it.Thanks for letting me vent.. Happy Coughing!

From Rio Grande Valley deep South Texas, April 30, 2004
I have had this cough for about three months, and I had never had it [before]. Three months ago I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia but I was able to cure it, but now I have this ugly cough. I am able to sleep at night, but during the day I start coughing and sometimes I throw up. I have gone with different doctors and they have given me different antibiotics and I still have the same cough.

From Long Island, New York, April 10, 2004
I have been coughing since February 2004 till now April. I didn't realize how many people are experiencing this persistent cough. I have seen the doctor several times. Zithromax caused a urinary tract infection, cipro, then lavaquin. I 've been put on steriods two times for a week to open up my lungs. I am fine when I am on it, then the cough returns. I've gone from thinking I have lung cancer, pneomnia, turberculosis or that I am causing this to continue (mental thing). I hoping this eventually go away. Tussinex is my only relief when it's chronic. My doctor told me I'm not creating this and it will eventually go away. Hopefully, I'll get over this. I have never ever had such a cough in my life.
Thanks for letting me vent!!!

From North Carolina, Owed a Small Fortune, April 6, 2004
I have had this cough since November 2003. Have been to more than one Doctor, had a chest x-ray at hospital. The cough quit about 3 weeks ago for about a week and then it started again. None of the Doctors seem to know what is going on. I talked to a friend of mine and his wife had this cough years ago and she had surgery on her sinuitis and now she seems to be ok. It seems that there is a lot of drainage down your throat from your sinuitis and the mucus lies there and irritates your throat. I was going to have surgery but after the insurance paid I still owed him a small fortune. Now waiting on records so I can go to the VA Hospital. My cough gets worse at night and I cough so hard that I almost pass out. I can't brush my teeth cause I gag and cough so bad I throw up. There must be some sort of chemicals in the air because when I go on a cruise ship and stay gone for 7 days on the sea I don't cough or have any of the symptoms that I have on Land. Try going to the beach and staying for a week and see if symptoms go away.

From 'My Cough Has Cleared Up', April 3, 2004
Thanks for the advice in December. In addition to the aciphex proscribed by my doctor, I got some Cod Liver Oil and started taking 6 capsules a day regularly. I didn't use the whole prescription of Aciphex, and stopped taking it about 2 months ago. I have continued to take the Cod Liver Oil regularly, though, in addition to a whole- food vitamin (lots of B-vitamins in it, among others) and a Zinc supplement. So far, so good after about 3 months now. No more cough, and even the sinus problems I used to get haven't resurfaced. I found it interesting that my brother, who brags about being in good health, was suffering from allergies along with a lot of other folks a couple of weeks ago and I felt perfectly fine. My gut instinct is that there is definitely something to the fish oil. Placebo effect or not, I'm going to keep taking it!

From Husband/Father Not Buying the Allergy Story, March 31, 2004
My wife and both children have been coughing uncontollably now for a couple weeks. The docs think it is allergies and a cold combinded but I dont buy it for a second. They never have allergies and I do like crazy yet I am fine, so what gives. My wife has never coughed this hard and uncrollably in her life. Her throat is raw, lungs hurt, occassionally dry yet at times coughs up flem. She has been loading up on Vit C and I think I will start her on fish liver tablets tomorrow as I hear from several sites this works. I also read tonight that coltsfeet root made into tea with some honey is a life savor. Will try both tomorrow. Also, try a hot wet cloth over you mouth when you breath in, it can relax the muscles. Accupuncture/pressue may be another option we try as our gal has cured so many other problems including predicting cancer before the docs, know nothings. Personally, based on all the sites I have read like this one I think there is a bigger problem, some new disease, that the medical community has not yet put their finger on or is a cover up. Polution or bio weapons may quite well be the evil here. Something is wrong with this picture if this is so wide spread, similar and severe.

From Rio Grande Valley, Texas, March 26, 2004
Hi!! I live in the Rio Grande Valley area in deep south Texas. About two years ago I had this cough but don't remember what "cure" it, but it lasted like 3 months. Now I have it again and nothing has cure the cough. I am in Amoxicilin with Clavulaic Acid and NyQuil and DayQuil, but nothing of these takes care of the coughing. I can't sleep well, can't go anywhere because of the "dog's cough" I feel ashamed, and so many things I can't do because of that. I also have tried more antibiotics and other types of syrups, even honey with lemon and NOTHING!!!! Please, does anyone know a decent medicine for this?? and what is most neccesary, what is this? where does it come from or how did we get this coughing??? Thank you for your advice, will be very much appreciated. Take care. dd.

From Kansas, March 24, 2004
I am now on my third round of antibiotics for "sinus infection", cold, allergies, persistent cough. Have been diagnosed with GERD in the past. Nothing seems to help! This cough is so annoying. Don't remember what its like to have a full nights rest. I live in the Midwest (kansas) and work just over the state line in Missouri. Allergy season doesn't seem to have a beginning or end. Not sure what to do, I've tried antibiotics and every OTC you can think of. Think this is a National epidemic - we are all building immunities to these antibiotics which is very scary. Hope to find a solution to this cough.

From a Nurse with Horrible Stomach Virus, March 17, 2004
Thank you so much for the great information .... I plan on trying the ABC treatment you wrote about. I agree that there is some bad stuff out there. I thought it was just where I had taken my last semester of school off from work to finish school and I was just building my immunity back up but I think there is more to it than just that. I have had the cough ... however, I had one of the worst stomach viruses last month that I have ever had. Several of the nurses who have worked at my job for many years and never get sick caught it. That's what gets me, I had never been sick for more that a few days before this. I think this stomach virus that is going around is similar the cruise ship illness that happened a while ago. I believe this is airborne because my son who had it a few weeks later, of which I kept away from my grandparents however, in 24 hours they had it also - thank goodness I didn't catch it again but they kept passing it back and forth a couple of times then my grandfather changed the air conditioner filters and everyone got better. Thank you so much for your information and at least I know it's not just me now - from east to west coast there are some bad bugs of all kinds going around. sincerely, E C

From New Mother in Richmond, Virginia, March 16, 2004
I developed a chronic cough in November of 2003 also. The Dr. at first told me it was a severe head cold. Unfortunately, I had a baby in October and was barely getting any sleep- the cough just made it worse- mostly at night, it would keep me up. I do cough during the day also- a dry cough- non-productive. I am in Richmond Virginia and a friend of mine had symptoms similar. Dr. told her the air inside and out was so dry they were seeing a lot of chronic coughs. I was put on Codeine cough suppressant as I was only sleeping a few hours/night and couldn't function with the baby. 4 prescriptions later, I got tired of taking a narcotic and went back into to another Dr. She thought it might be allergies and prescribed Zyrtec and Nasocort (antihistimine and steroid). This seemed to work after about 7 days- she mentioned it would take a week for the steroid. However, now I'm wondering why this lasted 4 months and suddenly out of the blue, I have allergies? My next step is to find out what I'm allergic to. I that question is not answered, I'm back to the drawing board. Thankfully at least for now, I can sleep without coughing.

From a Nurse in New Mexico, March 14, 2004
I am a nurse in Alb.,NM & 3 yrs ago,(almost 4 in July), I took care of an elderly healthy lady who had a community acquired pneumonia in July. She was so sick that she eventually died. Strangely enough, I took care of another gentleman one week later with a similar pneumonia-(in July!) He did not pass away, but very nearly did.

Anyway, 2 weeks later, I came down with the worst cough I had ever experienced. It usually got worse around 4:00 in the afternoon, with coughing so bad that I almost went to the ER for help. My MD did not think that there was any connection between my case & the people I had cared for. Never the less, I was on & off antibiotics from August-Dec. I had chest Xrays,blood draws, CT scans of my throat & sinuses. To help me sleep at night, the only medicine that would control my cough enough for me to sleep was a heavy narcotic called Tussionex.

Now, I am a very healthy person-do not smoke, exercise & take vitamins. Every time I tried to exercise,it seemed that the "stress" of the exercise would set my cough off again. My MD thought that I had gastric reflux, but I had never had that either, although there were nights when I literally coughed up my toenails:).

One year later almost to the week, my illness returned with the same intensity & the same symptoms. When I returned to my MD he said that he thought that I had probably had Legionnaires disease, as that is the way it acts. So here I am 3 years later in the same condition. Coughing if I do any strenuous exercise & frustrated with the lack of progress. I went this past week to see an ENT doctor & mhad him look at my throat to make sure that I didn't have a mass on my vocal chords, since most of the time, I feel that there is something in my throat. He said that I have what's called nasopharyngeal reflux, but I don't think so. Now that I have found this website, I don't feel like such wimp for still looking for the CAUSE of what is wrong. Sincerely, Ann in Alb.

From "Ridiculous Cough," March 12, 2004
i have a ridicoulous cough at the moment. i have been coughing for a couple days straight and i cant stop. is this how it started for all of you.

From a Husband in Florida, March 10, 2004
My wife has had a chronic cough for months. It's constant during the day and renders her desperate. She can't go to movies, restaurants or any public places although the cough is less when she moves around. It's worse while stationary. She never coughs while taking a shower; otherwise, the cough is omnipresent. She has tried anything imaginable: syrups, cough drops, vaporizer, you name it. Then ... the cough goes away by itself, she gets a temporary truce for the cough only to come back in full swing and stay longer than the truce.

Trying to find out what causes the cough is a whole science as it could be triggerd by some medications, notably some blood pressure pills or combination of two or more medications. Doctors in this country are too limited in time to stop and see what the problem is because they only have a few minutes per patient or they would not be able to achieve their main goal which is NOT to cure the patient but to make as much money as possible by spending the least time with the patient.

Doctors, in case nobody noticed it, are very good at DIAGNOSING mayor infirmities because we have in this country the technology and the very expensive equipment but they do not, let me repeat, DOCTORS DO NOT cure the ailment; they just TREAT THE SYMPTOMS. Something similar to getting a red light on your car's panel and, instead of stopping and going to the root of the problem by looking under the hood, you just put a piece of black tape on top of the light and just keep driving until some other symptoms develops and then put some more tape on the remaining warning lights.

Medicine may have advanced lately but, God, why can't we have the good old doctors of the 50s! Greed has replaced them all.


From Someone With Flu Symptoms, March 10, 2004
Hi, I am Mary. I am 18 years old. About 2 weeks ago I developed a deep cough and sore throat, after going away for about 10 days it came back hard 4 days ago. I couldn't quit coughing. I would sit and every 1-3 mins I would cough, but laying down! Oh boy.. Every chance my chest had to cough it would. I ended up getting about 10 hours of sleep in 4 days. I began to develop high fevers ranging from 99.5-102.5 and all symptoms of the flu. I had the chills, vomiting, tight chest, weezing, headache, fever, weakness, and loss of appetite. Today (March 10th) I decided to go to the ER because it was worsening. I was diagnosed with Viral Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and acute viral tonsillitis. I got my prescriptions of hyrdrocodone cough syrup, lortab 5mg for pain, Erythromycin as an antibiotic, and a refill of my albuteral inhaler. I also had 2 breathing treatments while staying at the hospital. I feel I am lucky I caught the pneumonia early, as I was able to come home. Doc almost wanted to keep me because My heart rate continuesly stayed at 130bpm, and it should only be about 80bpm. Im starting to feel better, but the coughing is still here, more dry then ever and long. But the cough syrup is begining to kick in, so I am happy now :)

From Someone Who Has Tried Several Drugs and Gotten Relief, March 7, 2004
I started coughing about a 4 months ago and started to have trouble breathing accompanied by ear infections. I went to the Dr. and had x-rays done. He diagnosed me with bronchitis and ear infections, along with a sinus infection. Needless to say, I felt horrible. Coughed until I would wet myself, gag to the point of vomiting. The DR prescribed augmentin (750 mg)along with amoxicillin (250 mg) and also astelin hci (34 ml) nasal spray. Also hydrocodone cough syrup. I felt back to normal in about two weeks. I still cough, but not as violently as before. Dr. say I'll need another round of antibiotics. Which means another yeast infection! Sorry everyone is feeling horrible, but i don't feel so alone in this!

From ALABAMA, March 7, 2004

From Monroe, Michigan, March 2, 2004
i too have had a cough since november,2003. i cant seem to get rid of it! been to the doctor several times. i've four different prescriptions and still have cough! had sinuses troubles, then bronchotis. now doctor says chest x-ray shows spot on my lung! so now i'm having cat scan done. doctor says spot on lung could be many things and of course does'nt want me to worry! trying to think postive since i have sneezing and still have my sinuses aggraving me. i can only hope for the best. i dont smoke but husband does. but he works nights, and work days, see usually weekends,holidays and vacations. so i can only hope its not serious. i've had alot of people tell me they too have a cough they can't get rid of. this cough has got to go! thanks for listening.

From "Sick of All This Mess," March 2, 2004
I am typing this because I have to sit up if I lay down I have coughing attacks and nearly vomit ,I have been diagnosed with asthma ,just in the last year I take singulair, and combivent inhaler plus advair ,my dr called me in a prescription today for methylpred a steroid , I am so sick of all this mess I am 52 years old and I used to smoke,never coughed this bad when I smoked .I think there is some sort of a pesticide or something toxic in our air ,because my grandkids cough alot and everyone else I know of and I think the govt. needs to check into this ,maybe the center for disease control.

From Someone Else Who Has Tried Everything, February 28, 2004
I have always had an annual case of long lasting bronchitis, but in 2001 the cough lingered for 6 months, lots of chest pain, ENT, Pulmonolgist, said it was post nasal drip , gerd, cough asthma... it finally went away. Well it came back in January 2003 and I still have it. Have had lung function tests, ct scan, bronchoscopy, everything is fine, I just cannot stop coughing. It had improved for no apparent reason for a couple of months , but seems to be coming back again. Have been on all types of meds, antibiotics, oral steroids, inhaled steroids, nasal sprays , protonix. This is extremely frustrating and is becoming quite depressing. It has affected every area of my life. I like to run and continue most times, although I am coughing through it, but it is just becoming too tiresome. Please let me know of any possible herbal, natural cures or causes you may have heard of. Thank you. SENDER =

From Someone who got relief giving up Advil, February 28, 2004
I just read the article from the person who said they had lived in a new home when the cough began. My cough began about two years ago. And, like the person above, lived in a new manufactured home with my daughter and family. I got the flu, not bad, but with a cough. Have had it on and off since then. I now live in a different area but the cough has persisted. When I went to the doctor, he said it was sinus drainage. My cough is not dry and I can always bring something up. My cough also seems to be worse in the evening. Lately I stopped taking all vitamins, thinking I was alergic to something. That seemed to help, but then in a few days the cough returned. I was taking Nyquil at night. I had been taking a lot of Advil for leg pain, and while I was taking the Nyquil, I stopped the Advil. And would you believe, I think my coughing is easing up. Could it be the Advil was pulling down my immune system?! Anyway I will wait and see. I hate to think it was the Advil, because they helped my leg pain much more than Tylenol.

From Someone Who Has Had Cough Ten Years, February 26, 2004
Galion, Ohio I am 57 years old and I thought that I was the only one afflicted with this cough. I hate to tell you all, but I have had this for a least 10 years! It always hits in the winter and then by spring (God willing) it disappears. I did have one summer in which I coughed which threw me off! When I was younger I was able to gut it out, but the older you get the harder it becomes on your body. I have tried everything also and have finally gone to the far nothing has changed even though I was diagnosed with an allergic reaction to dust mites! I have been taking these pills now for 2 weeks in hopes I had found the cause, but to no avail. My head, lower back and chest are in constant turmoil....I do have the luxury of finally getting to sleep at night after coughing for 30 min. to an hour when I lie down. But I'm right back at it the next morning. Everyone is getting tired of hearing me cough not to mention my students....oh yes, I am a teacher! What a great profession to be blessed with this "disease"'s kind of hard to teach without talking! If there are so many of us out there suffering from this, why hasn't the medical profession come up with a cause and a "cure"? How do we go about shaking up the medical field on this one? It was comforting to know that I am not alone.

From Someone Worried about Son, February 24, 2004
My 13 year old son who rarely gets sick has had this sinus type of infection and a constant cough for about 3 weeks and the cough just stays with him no fever but it worsens at night I've given him everything I know to give now it's our Doctor's turn we will see if he can help. SENDER =

From Someone Bothered Sporadically at Night, February 14, 2004
Enjoyed this site! My cough is sporadic and bothers me most at night when I cough so much I almost gag and spit up a little phlegm. And nothing for hours. Then at work it comes again and I have to leave the room not to be embarrassed or give it to anyone else. It starts as a tickle in the throat and when I feel it coming I try a cough drop or cough medicine. It only happens for a few seconds but at times I have trouble breathing???......I've had the cough for several months. At a recent trips to the Dr. she checked my breathing and found nothing. She never suggested Xrays. During the day it may be several hours before the ticles comes and have to get prepaared for a gut-buster with tears coming to my eyes. Any idea????

From Someone Worried about Daughter, February 14, 2004
Thank you for taking the time to write. It is 3:30 am, and my daughter has literally been coughing all night. I finally found a strong cough syrup that finally got her to sleep. I am so concerned about this, I can't sleep now.

I found your comments about food intake all-the-more interesting when I read that you have worked with children for many years. My daughter certainly is guilty of having both white-flour based foods and sugar in her diet. In addition to looking into the vitamin supplements, I am going to give your suggestions a try.

I guess I have been one of the "lucky ones" growing up. I've never had any food allergies that I know of, and I never had too much problem with airborne pollens/pollutants, other than the occasional itchy eyes on only the worst allergy days. I guess my daughter is not going to be so lucky.

I will try the vitamin A & C recommendations on the website, and I will make some changes to her diet. In the near future, I will try to post again--hopefully with positive results.

Mike in AZ

From "Way too long," February 4, 2004
hi! im one those people that can not get rid of the cough caused by sinuses and bronchotis. i've had this cough way to long. have had two different prescriptions, and still have this tickle in my throat is on and off all day and night. surving on very little sleep and patience everyday. this so irrating! i have been fighting it since november! i guess im willing to try just about anything to get rid of it and get some sleep. im going to try the fish liver oil and vitamin c crystals, and hope it works! SENDER =

From New York February 2004
" I first got my cough when traveling in mid dezember. It went away but a dry, annoying little cough stayed with me. Nothing to write home about but still annoying. This week I finally went to the Doctor. She precribed Flovent which is an asthma inhaler and since I am taking this I got a real cough and a fullblown cold. My nose is congested and I have a major headache. Did anyone ever take flovent for their caugh? I couldn't find anybody who has been treated that way. After calling my Doctor she told me not to stop taking it since it will become a serious cough then. Does anyone have any history with that drug? SENDER =

From "Frustrated," January 29, 2004
Two months ago I had the flu and was in bed for almost 3 weeks. Finally I got better, only to get this awful respiratory disease one month later. It gets worse at night. During the day it's intermittent and its bark is worse than its bite, but at night it's almost constant and so irritating that my eyes water. I usually never catch anything. I eat a great diet, exercise daily, take vitamins, and laugh a lot. But the last few weeks I've been getting hypersensitive. Little things I would normally shrug off make me feel angry, frustrated, scared or victimized. I just realized it must be this disease wearing me down. I hope you all get well. Whatever we've got, it sucks! SENDER =

From someone who has controlled the cough with meds, January 24, 2004
I also had a horrendous cough for all of December and into January (very similar to what has been described above).

My doctor gave me Avelox - an antibiotic(he had diagnosed bronchitis)and some cough syrup with hydrocodone in it.

My cough is virtually gone - am now fighting hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms (mainly nausea). Be very, very careful taking this.

Hope this helps.

From someone who's tried all the meds, January 19, 2004
I've had this cough every winter (roughly Nov. thru Mar., though this year it started in September) for the last four years. Naturally, my docs thought it was allergies at first, since it was seasonal. But allergy meds don't touch it -- I've used Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, Claratin, and many others. Dextromethorphan sometimes makes a difference, but not always: My docs put me on oral prednisone twice, and it gets rid of the cough as long as you're on it, but the cough returns with a vengeance afterwards! I've had diagnoses of GERD made, but acid reducers -- Pepcid, Tagamet, Prilosec, you name it -- make not the slightest difference. Neither do antibiotics (amoxycillin, tetracycline, zithromax, et al). I'm writing this at three in the morning after a coughing episode that was so bad that I concurrently wet myself and came very close to throwing up. I'm fortunate in that my work allows me to go in at any time of the day: I often just get up and go to work rather than lying back down, and THAT helps more than anything. The symptoms are NOT in my chest or even bronchial tubes: they all feel like they're in my VOICEBOX, and my larynx often clicks and makes odd sounds for no apparent reason. I often cough up thick, almost encapsulated brownish-yellow goo -- puslike. Antibiotics and steroids do NOT make the stuff go away. ARGHHHHHH!!

From someone who's gotten relief!!!!!!! January 18, 2004
Well....I Have to tell you...I had no coughing at all last night or far! I am so elated!! Ive had CAT Scans, XRays, Pulminary tests, ENT Tests, No one knows why I am coughing...

The first day I took 6 fish liver oil capsules in the morning, and the vitamin C. The next day I took it in the morning and night. ( couldnt bring my self to do it every time I coughed)..That night I did not cough once...I Was so Happy!! as was my dear husband!.. So the third day (today) I took the same capsuels and Vitamin C in the morning. Still no coughing! I cant tell you how elated I am.. After 7 months of contant coughing, that sometimes was so hard and long that I would actually pee my pants! People were very pessimistic, "That much Vitamin A will kill you",, "Its not safe" Well, Im here to say that it does work! Thank you very much!

From a frightened mother, January 17, 2004
My son has had a really god awful cough since november 2003. I took my son to his pediatrician about six times since then, and the doctor never once took an x-ray of my son's chest despite my pleas. All he ever did was prescibe my son phenergan with codeine.

It never helped. I made a complaint to my HMO regarding the treatment my son received and ended up switching doctors. Now, my son is taking two inhalers, albuterol and flovent along with amoxicillin, (the new doctor didn't take an X- ray either) yet his cough still seems to get worse. I'm worried that these doctors are reluctant to treat Medi-Cal recipients, or is it that they don't know how to treat it?

My son is only 5 yrs. old and I'm terrified that these doctors are going to just continually pump my son up with meds that aren't going to help him. Your response is welcomed here!

From Hoboken, New Jersey, January 16, 2004
My story sounds eeriely similar to many I've read on this website. I started out with a horrible cold around Thanksgiving '03. I lost my voice completely and had a nagging, gut-wrenching cough. Despite my good health and exercise habits at age 40, I didn't think it unusual that I caught something since I'm a flight attendant and we're not permitted to wear protective gloves when picking up rubbish. With the holidays and cheap air fares, the planes have been packed--with a fair share of coughing and sneezing passengers.

My cold went away after a few weeks, but the cough stayed. It was a dry, occasional cough that my husband said sounded "forced". As a non-smoker I thought this continuous cough to be odd, but found no reason to worry about it any further.

On Jan. 1st I worked a tough trip (left my house at 4:30 am followed by a 10 hour day on duty. Had an 8-hour layover followed by a 14 hour day on duty. Each day we were understaffed by two crewmembers, and all flights of the trip sequence were completely full)with a coughing crewmember working beside me. Her cough worsened as the trip went on to the third day.

Four days later I was back at work with a sore throat and increased coughing. Despite Dayquil, (Nyquil for night), cough drops, Advil Cold and Sinus and Sudafed, it persisted, and on the second day it was really bad. I never encountered eustachian problems (the main concern when flying), though having to leave the aisle of the plane to cough my guts out in the galley didn't look good to passengers or tenative crew members!

I finally got in to see my doctor and in the short five minutes that he saw me, he diagnosed me with a sinus infection. My left ear was blocked, left sinuses infected, left lymph node enlarged, and I had a slight fever. He prescribed Amoxycilian along with a prescription exportorant and Nasalcourt.

Three days later, save for the fever being gone and sinus headache lessened, I don't feel much better! My livelihood depends upon my health for my airline punishes flight attendants if we call in sick more than once in a rolling 12-month period, and I was out for a few months last fall with a broken bone in my foot!

I'm already facing punishment for this sick incident, so I HAVE to go to work in three days (another workhorse trip with early report-to-work times and 14 hour duty days). I'm sure that once I begin to scurry around the plane and talk to all of the passengers (251 passengers in coach class times three flights each day = a LOT of talking)my cough will reemerge with a vengeance!

Has anyone found any success in treating this pervasive, nationwide, endemic illness? My entire chest cavity and stomach area aches from all of the coughing, and despite the prescription expectorant, my coughs are still not very productive.

Hacking away in Hoboken, New Jersey

From Reno, Nevada Area, January 8, 2004
I first got a cold with a cough back in November of 2003. It seemed a little worse than usual, but then it went away. However, in a few weeks it (or something else) came back. A bad cough with sore throat and abundance of mucous. My boss at work has also had it for about 6 weeks. One week he thought he was better, but it returned.

I have just finished the antibiotic Zithromax and feel 90% better. I might have a tiny, almost fake cough once or twice a day. It is just enough to make me concerned that the illness is not completely beaten yet though. Furthermore my girlfriend now has it and it is not responding to the antibiotics she is on.

This is in Reno, Nevada. Many people in this city have it. It's epidemic here. I find it so strange that we are hearing nothing about it on the news. Is it some kind of cover-up? If I personally know of dozens of people with a strange hard to shake cough, why do we hear nothing?

From an urban area, November 18, 2003
my 4 1/2 yr old grand son has been on antibiotics for over 2 wks. and still has a terriable deep cough. I have had my deep cough for a month or more and finally went to the dr. he gave me amoxicillin. Ive been on it 2 days. he also gave me hydrocodone cough syrup. it helps the cough short term but it comes back with a vingence. Im sick and tired of coughing!! I havent had any fever at all. thanks for trying to help us figure this out!!

From Wisconsin, November 15, 2003
"I don't think this strange coughing epedemic is just in California. I am from Wisconsin, and about 2 months ago I had some type of a cold which went away and left me with a constant nagging cough for a month. That went away for about 3 weeks only to return last week. This cough is usually appears at night and has even distubed my sleeping patterns. After I have been awake awhile it gets better only to return again that night. I would hope more Doctors would become involved in this strange illness.

"I did not take any antibiotics when it finally went away. I only guessed that is was my immune system winning the battle. I do not take public transportation, but I do work at a factory with about 100 people. I am beginning to suspect that this disease or whatever it is, goes in to remission or something, only to appear later on. It is quite a nuisance and I suppose I will have to see a doctor or take over the counter cough suppression medicine. But I still would like to know what it is and what caused it. I have never had anything like this before and I am 46 years old. Its nice there are people like you who bring strange illnesses to light and hopefully the right people will take notice."

From Arkansas, November 8, 2003
"About the cough! I had been coughing for at least a month which was accompanied by fever and severe sweating---- thought I had the flu, but it wouldn't get better. Then I mysteriously quit coughing, although I didn't feel that much worse, I got a pain in my lower left chest and had a lot of trouble breathing...went to the ER and they did an xray which showed Bacterial Pneumonia. I was in the hospital for 9 days on antibiotics, oxygen, and updraft treatments. and huge doses of depomedrol. went home on Prednisolone. That was two months ago, I have felt very bad every day since, still coughing, face and eyes stay swollen and red, lymph glands in face and neck swollen noticeably. it is all connected to my cough. Have taken rounds of six different types of antibiotic and nothing works as I saw the Dr. yesterday, and he said, "well, the pneumonia is back, lets just hope it isn't as bad as before." When I was in the hospital, I had lots of tests done and the Dr. kept asking me if I was around hay or any type of birds. (NO) I am perplexed. My husband is coughing chronically, and LOTS more people everywhere I go, people who have coughs just like mine.

"A 39 year old relative of mine had "this cough" begin about a year ago and had coughed chronically since then, then he woke up one night and had trouble breathing. His wife took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Inhalation pneumonia, then later with Bacterial Pneumonia. He worsened and had to be put on the Respirator and died 4 days later. The Dr. said that the "lining of his lungs was destroyed." He said he had Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

"When I was in the hospital, a lady who was in there also with Pneumonia also worsened quickly and died which was very unexpected.

"I don't know what to think, it scares me."

From Tennessee, August 30, 2003
"I am so glad I found your site. I have been researching this cough for months and can find out nothing. My doctor has told me that I have severe bronchitis. I have had this cough for 3 months now. I have been on Singular, Zyrtec, Advair, Atrovent and have tried Robitussin, DayQuil, NyQuil, Sudafed, Benadryl and the list goes on. I am in Tennessee and recently took a trip to Myrtle Beach SC. In TN, no one looks at you funny when you're hacking up a lung because there are so many,but in Myrtle Beach, I didn't hear anyone coughing except me. My mother has also had this cough and my father just got out of the hospital with what they guessed was pneumonia, but weren't sure. What is this COUGH and why won't it go away?

"The best thing I have found is Chloraseptic spray and lozenges. They help to numb the throat. If you get anymore info on this thing, please let me know. Thanks"

August 30, 2003
"Thanks so much for your website, I found it interesting and a bit scary, LOL. My cough has lasted nearly four years now. It started when I unknowingly lived in a newly built home for my family--and shoddy construction gave us invisible mold. Of course it would be three years before we would know that! In the meantime, my cough worsened and I was given all kinds of reason why. I have ashtma, allegies and COPD now, dang it. I keep praying though that something will take away the painful cough. I can type, but God forbid if I talk, especially on the phone... and talking is my most favorite passion of all. Take care and best wishes."

From Miami, Florida, August 25, 2003
"I first got this cough several years ago and it persisted for months. I have it again, and I am also frequently running a fever. I know I have gotten 2 different viral infections, and the combination is really knocking me out. I feel I would be wasting my time w/doctor but will take this article.

"P.S. My impression is that this cough has been widespread here in Miami, Fl at different times, and different seasons and seems to vary year-to-year as to how common it is."

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Acute: Characterized by sharpness or severity; having a sudden onset, sharp rise, and short duration; seriously demanding urgent attention

Bacterium (Plural = Bacteria): Any of a class (Schizomycetes) of microscopic plants having round, rodlike, spiral, or filamentous single-celled or noncellular bodies often aggregated into colonies or motile by means of flagella, living in soil, water, organic matter, or the bodies of plants and animals, and being autotrophic, saprophytic, or parasitic in nutrition and important to man because of their chemical effects and as pathagens.

Bronchitis: An acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes, or a disease marked by this.

Bronchial tube: A bronchus or any of its branches.

Bronchioles: The tiniest brochial tubes in the lungs; there are about 30,000 of them in each lung; each one is about the thickness of a hair

Bronchus: Either of the two primary divisions of the trachea that lead respectively into the right and left lung.

Chronic: Marked by long duration or frequent recurrence; not acute

Cough: A symptom, not a disease. A reflex action that tries to clear the lungs. At least one online MD recommends getting a chest x-ray if one has a cough for 6 weeks, even if a doctor has used a stethoscope and pronounced the lungs "clear."

Epidemic: Affecting, or tending to affect, many individuals within a population, community, or region, at the same time; excessively prevalent

Inflammation: A local response to cellular injury that is marked by capillary dilatation, leukocytic infiltration, redness, heat, and pain and that serves as a mechanism initiating the elimination of noxious agents and of damaged tissue; when tissues are damaged or otherwise attacked, blood cells rush to the area to bring healing and remove damaged tissue, causing swelling, and also causing blockage of circulation

Trachea: The main trunk of the system of tubes by which air passes to and from the lungs in vertebrates.

Virus: Any of a large group of submicroscopic infective agents that are regarded either as the simplest microorganisms or as extremely complex molecules, that typically contain a protein coast surrounding an RNA or DNA core of genetic material, that are capable of growth and multiplication only in living cells, and that cause various important diseases in man, lower animals, or plants.