Give Your Tires BITE
in Mud, Sand, Snow and Ice!

Get a Free Sample
of actual Lions Grip material

Though they are smaller, consisting of a piece 9 inches square, these samples are made identically to the real Lions Grips. For your inspection, they are cut, hot-glued and packaged exactly the same.

Keep the sample in your car, and next time you're out, you can experiment with it and see for yourself how unmovable it is. With your foot, you can try sliding it across whatever might be in your area: snow, ice, mud, sand, boat ramp algae, or a lawn*. Or at home, try pushing it across your carpet, across a side-walk or a patio. This way you will feel some of the strength of the traction that this fabric is capable of.

But watch out --- if you're dressed up, Lions Grips will snag your nylons!

To obtain a sample, email us at, and include your name and postal mailing Address. If you would like a response or have a question, please also include your email address or phone number. Your sample will be mailed to you in a short time by USPS.

Thank You!

*Tow-truck owners will tell you that every year, they get several calls to tow people out who get their car stuck in their OWN LAWN :-)