Driving Tips

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When you're tires are slipping, don't spin them!
  1. Take the Lions Grip Traction Pads out of the bag. Careful! They're very snaggy! Set them on the ground. Put the bag down to kneel on, if necessary.
2. Get a RAG for your hands.
3. Get a STICK or SCREWDRIVER to poke the pads under the tires to make contact.
Lions Grips work best with the WAVY SIDE DOWN.
  The netting merges deeper into the soft terrain that way. However, either way is tremendously effective.
Put Lions Grips IN FRONT AND BEHIND each driving tire.
 This lets you "rock" back and forth and drive out in either direction.
POKE Lions Grips UNDER the tire a little bit to make contact.
  Use whatever is handy -- a stick, screwdriver, etc.
Put Lions Grips in front of the NON-DRIVING TIRES ALSO, if you have extra.
 This smooths the way over the wall of snow, mud, sand, or whatever is piled up in front of them.
In SNOW and on SLIGHT INCLINES, put two Lions Grips in a row in front of each driving tire.
 Overlap the ends a couple inches.
In very WATERY MUD, make a SANDWICH of two Lions Grips together, in front of each driving tire.
 This gives more "bite".

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