The List of Clusters

The following table shows the Clusters of meaning, in their order of magnitude, largest to smallest. Click on a Cluster to see the entire collection of verbatim dictionary definitions for that Cluster, sorted into Meaning groups, in Word format, PDF.

The Clusters, in order of magnitude
(POWER OF) GENERATION 1677 entries 24.2%
RODS 1321 entries 19.0%
CHANTING 913 entries 13.2%
GROOVES 868 entries 12.5%
FIRE 514 entries 7.4%
VALUE 444 entries 6.4%
RULERS, LEADERS 420 entries 6.1%
OPPOSITION 274 entries 3.9%
CONGREGATION 255 entries 3.7%
RHYTHMIC 204 entries 2.9%
(not categorized) 49 entries 0.7%
Totals: 6942 ENTRIES= 100%

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