Languages Studied

B	Basque
C	Celtic, ancient Gaul
CB	Celtic, Belgic frontier
CI	Celtiberian
Co	Cornish
E	Estonian
Eg	Egyptian, ancient
Et	Etruscan
F	Finnish
G	Greek
Gm	German
H	Hungarian
Hi	Hispanic, ancient
Hw	Hebrew
I	Old Icelandic
Ir	Irish
J	Japanese
L	Latin
MA (=M)	Maori
Mc	Mycenean (Greek)
Mi	Miwok Indian (California)
Mo	Moroccan Arabic
P	Persian
PA	Pali
Pg	Portugese
Pm	Pomo Indian (California)
R	Rhade
Ri	Ritharngu (NE Australia)
Ro	Romanian
Rs	Russian
S	Slavic
Sp	Spanish
St	Sanskrit
Sw	Swahili
T	Tibetan
Th	Thai
Tk	Turkish
To	Tocharian
V	Vietnamese
W	Welsh

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