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Baby chicks need summery warmth, chick starter, water



Make it a regular practice to get your eggs and farm produce direct from the farm.


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New Farms in These Areas!!

Box Springs, Georgia; Pittsboro, North Carolina; Brookfield, Missouri

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Areas with farms listed, arranged alphabetically by state

Click on a state's name to go to all listings for that state

Trinity, Alabama (Larger Decatur Area)
Mat-Su Valley, Alaska
Hot Springs, Arkansas
Ft. Smith, Arkansas (see Oklahoma listings)

Gridley, California
Guinda, California (west of Sacramento)
Nipomo, California (near Pismo Beach)
Warner Springs, California (near Temecula, Murietta and Mt. Palomar)

Elbert, Colorado (North of Colorado Springs)

Lebanon, Connecticut (Larger Hartford Area)
Ledyard, Connecticut

Daytona Beach, Florida
Crescent City, Florida
Gainesville, Florida
Live Oak, Florida
Morriston, Florida
Redland, Florida (Larger Miami Area)

Atlanta, Georgia (Cobb County Area)
Ellabell, Georgia (Larger Savannah Area)
Sandersville, Georgia (East of Macon)
Ellijay, Georgia (Northwest Georgia)

Champaign, Illinois
Cedarville, Illinois
Freeport, Illinois

Richmond, Indiana
Angola, Indiana

Williamsburg, Kansas (Larger Kansas City Area)
Olathe, Kansas (Larger Kansas City Area)
Parker, Kansas (Linn County)
Cedar Vale, Kansas (Larger Wichita Area)

Lebanon Junction, Kentucky (Larger Louisville Area)
Custer, Kentucky (Larger Louisville Area)
Austin, Kentucky (Larger Bowling Green Area)

Natchitoches, Louisiana
Linneus, Maine
North Andover, Massachusetts
Southern Maryland

Detroit, Michigan
New Boston, Michigan
Suttons Bay, Michigan
Traverse City, Michigan
Port Austin, Michigan
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Wendell, Minnesota (60 miles SE of Fargo)
Kerkhoven, Minnesota

Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Gerald, Missouri (Larger St. Louis Area)

Hamilton, Montana (60 miles S of Missoula)
Glasgow/Cherry Valley, Montana

Comstock, Nebraska
Fallon, Nevada
Amherst, New Hampshire Area ( New England )
Farmingdale, New Jersey (Larger New Brunswick Area)
Rutherford Co., North Carolina
Gibsonville, North Carolina (Greensboro Area)

Akron, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Martinsburg, Ohio
Wilmington, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio

Spiro, Oklahoma (near Ft. Smith, Arkansas)

Lebanon, Oregon
Newburg, Oregon
Oakland, Oregon (South of Eugene)
Salem, Oregon

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Donalds, South Carolina

Belvedere, Tennessee
Lexington, Tennessee
Nashville, Tennessee

Austin, Texas Area
Celeste, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Ector, Texas
Granbury, Texas
Greenville, Texas
Houston, Texas
Kerens, Texas
Kilgore, Texas
Kingsbury, Texas
Slaton, Texas

East Orange, Vermont (Larger Montpelier Area)
Orwell, Vermont (Larger Rutland Area)

Brookneal, Virginia
Aroda, Virginia (North of Charlottsville)
Clarksburg, Virginia
Warrenton & Fredericksburg, Virginia
Saltville, Virginia

Spokane, Washington
Brush Prairie, Washington (Near Portland, OR)

Cashton, Wisconsin
Chetek, Wisconsin (Larger Eau Claire Area)
Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Monroe, Wisconsin
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin (Larger Green Bay Area)
Monticello, Wisconsin (Larger Madison Area)

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Yorkshire, England
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
Parkhill, Ontario, Canada

How to Go to a Farm

Some farms have a visible sign or sales stand, while others don't. If the farm has a sign, you can drive on in. Sometimes you will encounter a closed gate at a home farm. This doesn't usually mean keep out (unless it says so)--- it's for the animals. If you encounter a gate across a driveway or road, at a place that you know sells eggs, the custom is to honk your horn (or give a country holler) to let the farmer know you're there. Sometimes one must wait a few minutes until the farmers can finish what they're doing. In all cases, it is best to call or email ahead.

SECURELY CLOSE ALL GATES YOU OPEN! Often the local people maintain a road out of their own pockets. Fast driving can tear it up. Show your consideration by driving ultra slowly.

Please don't forget to take your Lions Grip Traction Pads tm And have a great drive! Let us know what you find!

Larger Decatur, Alabama Area

"Scott's Chicken Egg Farm "

Contact: Craig/Elizabeth Scott
Address: 9005 County Road 434, Trinity AL 35673
Phone: 256-905-8726
MapQuest Map

We are a small family owned farm located in the Tennesee Valley in North West Alabama in a small town called Trinity. We are located off of Hwy #24 or AKA Gordon Terry Pkwy in Trinity, Alabama.

Currently we have available delicious and healthy free range eggs produced from our Red Stars. Our hens are able to free range in a very large protected area. They sleep protected at night in their secure coops. We feed our chickens a 100% vegetarian diet. Full of grass, fruit, vegetables and grains, and alfalfa. Their diet is packed with protein and they are produce wonderful brown egg layers. They are good sources of Omega 3's.

We are in the process of raising poultry for eating. All our chickens are antibiotic free, hormone free and and free from any type of growth enhancing product. We do our best to feed our hens/roosters as naturally as possible to keep them healthy and safe.

So if you're in the area, please stop by. We'd love to share all that we have learned about raising chickens.

Our area is packed with things to do. The Homes of Helen Keller and Jesse Owens are here in Alabama. Huntsville is where the Space and Rocket center is located. That is the home of Space Camp. We have many beautiful things to see and do here in Alabama.

Mat-Su Valley, Alaska Area

"Half-Dozen Eggs"

Contact: Amy
City: Wasilla
Phone: 907-376-0917 ~~ Please call to get directions
MapQuest Map

We are in Wasilla, offering fresh eggs from our free range chickens.

Wasilla, Alaska

"Alaskan Hen House/ Precious Moments Farm"

Contact: Terrisa
MapQuest Map

Our birds freely roam our fenced acres during the day nibbling the grass and catching insects, but are rounded up into a coop with a large attached yard in the evenings to protect them from night prowling predators. With the exception of winter when they are kept in their covered yard because predators like ravens, eagles and owls are so constant.

We are located in Wasilla, the heart of the Matanuska Susitna Valley in Alaska. We welcome you to stop by for a visit, but if you can't, get yourself a piping hot cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy your virtual visit to our website.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

"Wyckoff's Farm"

Contact: Will Wyckoff
Address: 558 Crystal Hill Road
Hot Springs AR 71913
MapQuest Map

We sell BROWN FREE-RANGE EGGS directly from the farm. Our chickens are fed only grain, electrolytes and what they can forage. Their feed has no animal by-products, antibiotics, additives or growth enhancers. We also sell natural-raised chicken, rabbit and goat meat. Hours are 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Visitors are welcome!

Waldron, Arkansas (Larger Fort Smith Area)

"Home Grown Farm"

Contact: Home Grown Farm
5285 Center Point Rd
Waldron, AR 72958
Phone: 936-662-5223

MapQuest Map

Welcome to Home Grown Farm! I raise beef, pork, chicken and of course eggs! I use no antibiotics or hormones. My beef is completely grassfed. My pigs and chickens are allowed to graze, root, peck, wallow and dust. The pigs and chickens are supplemented with grains that I mix myself. Please see my website,, for more info. My farm is located in the Ouachita Mountains in western Arkansas. Please call for directions. 936-662-5223

Guinda, California (West of Sacramento)

"Star Rose Ranch"

Contact: Kim
Address: End of County Road 56
Guinda, CA
Phone: 530-796-4733
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm, raising heritage breeds of poultry & livestock. We have eggs from free range & pastured Buckeye & Dorking chickens. Contact Kim.

Gridley, Northern California Area

"Dragon's Lea Farm"

Address: 738 Justeson Road
Gridley, CA
Phone: 530/ 846-4444
Fax: 530/ 846-4455
MapQuest Map

In Northern California, East of I-5 on Route-99, between Chico and Yuba City. Close to Greylodge Wildlife Refuge!

We practice sustainable and organic agriculture: French/Italian Plums; Free Range Eggs; Herbs; Meditation Walk.

Nipomo, California (south of Pismo Beach)

"Unke Farms"

Contact: Josh and Regan Unke
Address: 379 Melanie Lane
Nipomo, California
MapQuest Map

Farm fresh eggs, from real free range hens. A rarity in California!

Elbert, Colorado (North of Colorado Springs)

"Mountain View Meadows Farm"

Contact: Barbara McKillip
Address: 22941 Manning Dr.
Elbert, CO 80106
Phone: 303-648-3264 lv a msg, we might be outside!
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm. Our hens are truly free ranged with complete freedom all day from dawn till dusk. We collect the eggs twice a day and refrigerate them immediately. We also grow vegetables for a local farmer's market. Salad mixes and other greens are abundantly available most of the year thanks to our high tunnel. We grow naturally, thanks for considering us for your egg and vegetable needs!

Ledyard, Connecticut

"Cedar Meadow Farm"

Contact: Brian and Julia Cronin
Address: 12 Erin's Way
Ledyard, CT 06339
Phone: 860-608-7442
MapQuest Map

Hello! Cedar Meadow Farm, LLC, is located in the town of Ledyard, just minutes away from the Southeastern CT shoreline. We offer direct-to-consumer poultry products, including fresh eggs, chicken pullets (these are live young hens), broilers, turkeys, and ducks. We also have pork, lamb, and rabbits available on a seasonal basis.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe your food should not contain antibiotics and growth hormones, nor be shipped hundreds of miles across the country, nor be handled by countless individuals. We oppose high-throughput factory farming and are doing our part to provide a fresh and healthy products for our patrons. Moreover, we are working with the Animal Welfare Institute. Our goal is to become Animal Welfare Approved, one of the first New England farms to have this validation. Also, we have a strong interest in Heritage Breed Conservancy. We care about our animals!

When you visit us, there is a great deal to do and see, including the Mystic Seaport, the Mystic Aquarium, Historic New London, and yes, there are two of the largest casinos in the United States: the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Larger Hartford, Connecticut Area

"Alexis Free Range Eggs"

Lebanon, CT
Phone: 860-690-7593
MapQuest Map

In Lebanon, Connecticut sits a 9-acre farm with a small flock of hens. The hens we have lay wholesome, large brown eggs. We do let our hens free range daily. We do not feed our hens anything artificial. Great eggs come from Happy Hens. Give us a call today. E-mail if you'd like pictures of the farm. Thank You

Morriston, Florida (Levy County)

"Palatine Acres"

Contact: Victoria or Joe Caccavone
Address: 12990 SE 71st St., Morriston FL 32668
MapQuest Map

We are a family farm we have goats, pigs & chickens for sale. We have year 'round eggs both fertilized and non for sale. We hatch brown egg layer chicks at the end of the month year round. Naturally fed and raised. And by the way, Levy County, Florida is the Peanut capital of the world.

Live Oak, Florida (Suwannee County)

"Natural Order Farm"

Phone: 386-658-1721
MapQuest Map

Free range eggs, pastured poultry, pastured pork (acorn-fed), seasonal biodynamic vegitables

Daytona Beach, Florida Area

"Grandmother's Farm"

Contact: Jeff Brower
Address: 310 Dawson Brown Rd.
DeLeon Springs, FL 32130
Phone: 386-985-5736
MapQuest Map

The farm is easy to find, 30 miles west of Daytona Beach on Highway 92 turn right on 17, north eight miles to DeLeon Springs and right on Dawson Brown.

We are a small but intensive family farm producing nutritious and wholesome eggs, chicken, honey, goat milk, soap, a few Jersey cows, fresh cut, dried and potted herbs, and earthworms and castings. We use no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics or medications. All animals are grass raised for high Omega 3 and CLA content. This a family business run by Terri and I with our five children. Pasture raised broilers are available every three weeks except July-September. Come visit anytime, please just call first.
In His Grace,
Jeff Brower
Grandmother's Farm

Gainesville, Florida

"Earth Pets Organic Feed & Garden"

Address: 404 NW 10th Avenue
Gainesville, Florida 32601
Phone: 352 - 377-1100
MapQuest Map

We sell Certified Organic, soy-free Chicken Feed (corn-free options available); in bulk, by-the-pound, 50# bags and pallet deals. ** Also selling fresh eggs from local farmers who feed their chickens this organic feed.

Open 7 days a week. Check out our website for daily hours and directions.

Redland, Florida (larger Miami Area)

"Bee Heaven Farm"

Contact: Margie
Redland, Florida
Phone: 270-536-3034
Email: office@pikarco
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm located in Redland, between Miami and Homestead, Florida. We are founding members of Redland Organics, an informal grower group serving South Florida. We offer certified organic eggs, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and tropical fruit. Anyone wishing to buy eggs will be accomodated. Also, please see the Calendar for fun events. Persons interested in visiting or buying should contact us via email to make arrangements.

We also have 'by invitation' sale days once or twice in the summer whenever we have an over-abundance of tropical fruit.

We sell at the South Florida Farmers' Market in Pinecrest (located at Gardener's Market) from January to March. Our CSA (Consumer-Supported Agriculture) program runs from November to April. In Summer, we have a tropical fruit CSA. We ship certified organic avocados July to August.

We are located close to Biscayne (Bay) National Park, Everglades National Park and the Florida Keys, as well as Miami and Miami Beach.

Crescent City, Florida (larger Daytona Beach area)

"Crescent Farm"

Contact: Andy
Address: 122 Denver Rd.
Crescent City, FL 32112
Phone: 386-698-2347
MapQuest Map

We raise chickens, guineas hen, ducks, geese, pigs, rabbits, sheep, and goats, cattle, etc. without the use hormones or antibiotics in a land that has been free of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for more than four years. Our animals feed is supplemented with the surplus of fruits and veggies that we produce. Basically our animals are vegetarians and our production is organic.

We are sure you will like the taste of our fresh fertile eggs. Eggs from free-range (cage free) hens, free of antibiotics and hormones. We would supply you with all the eggs you need directly from the hen.

During the harvest season you can come to pick your fruits and vegetables or you can just visit us any time during the year to enjoy the presence of sheep and goats. Some time you would have the opportunity to bottle-feeding a lamb or a baby goat.

Ellijay, Georgia (Gilmer County, Northwest Georgia)

"Mountain View Farms"

Contact: Elaine & Phillip Goble
Ellijay GA
Phone: 706-635-7404

You are very welcome to visit us. Among our many animals, we have Heritage Breed Barred Plymouth Rock hens. More information coming soon to this website. For now, please Google us to see our website. Better yet, call or email us to let us know you'd like to visit. See you soon!

Ellabell, Georgia (Larger Savannah Area)

"Life Is Good Farm"

Phone: 912-858-3492
MapQuest Map

Hi Y'All! We sell eggs from our real Free Range Hens. They are Organic Fed, All Natural hens. No steriods, antibiotics, hormones, or other chemicals.

We also raise Bantams, Turkeys, Guineas and other poultry for sale to start your own backyard flock. And, we have dee-licious seasonal herbs and produce available. Please visit and enjoy our farm.

Sandersville, Georgia (East of Macon)

"Manley Farms"

Contact: Myra
Location: Sandersville, GA
MapQuest Map

On our farm we sell chicken eggs which are free range and also feed laying mash. Occassionally, we sell chicks which we incubate ourselves. We also raise and sell Myotonic goats (fainters). Each of our goats are tested yearly for CAE, CL and Johnne's and are consistaently found to be negative. We also have horses-trail and miniatures.

Manley Farms is located in central Georgia 45 minutes between I-16 and I-20. Coming from Atlanta on I-20, get off at the Sandersville/Siloam exit. Turn right and go to stop sign/caution light. Turn left and continue until you arrive in Sparta. In Sparta, get on Hwy 15 South to Sandersville. As you enter Sandersville, you will come to Hwy 1 at the red light. Turn left. Continue. Cross over rail road tracks that go no where. Next road on right is Jordan Mill Rd. Turn. On the right,pass a brick house , pine trees, 2 houses-one an older white house on a hill. The next drive is our farm. House is brick and is in middle of a pecan orchard.

Washington County Georgia has Hamburg State Park and many historical sites (Arron Burr was held in the Warthen GA Jail). Come visit our beautiful county!


New Listing! 
Clark Findley  
Findley Farms
Contact: Clark (Pastured Eggs) or Tom (Natural Beef)
Phone: 706-326-2186 (Clark) 
Phone: 706-575-3889 (Tom)

Findley Farms is a small family farm located in Box Springs, GA 
(15 minutes east of Columbus). Currently we raise pastured
Dominique laying hens and natural beef. We collect and wash 
the eggs daily. This Fall we will be adding Rhode Island Reds
to our flock.

Cedarville, Illinois


Contact: Jeanne Raia
Address: 8225 Illinois Route 26 N,
Cedarville, IL
Phone: 815-563-4243
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm raising free range, organic chickens, Muscovy ducks and geese as well as grass-fed beef and goats. Our chickens lay brown eggs almost all year round. We offer eggs, dressed birds, goat and beef subject to availability. Due to my sensitivity to chemicals, all of our animals are antibiotic-, hormone- and pesticide-free. Our birds free range when weather permits and are supplemented with organic feed when we're buried in snow. Due to the high cost, we are not certified organic.

We also offer eggs in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area.

Freeport, Illinois Area

"Egghead Farms"

Contact: Jackie and Tom Zack
Address: 5146 Browns Mill Road
Freeport, IL 61032
Phone: 815-362-2156
Please feel free to contact us via email or phone
MapQuest Map

We are a small hobby farm located in Northern Illinois between Freeport and Rockford. We have BEAUTIFUL brown eggs and we occasionally have goose eggs available. This summer we will also have Araucauna eggs. These are called the "Easter Egg Chickens" because they lay eggs that in a variety of colors that includes greens, blues, and sometimes rose colored. Our chickens are free range and housed at night to protect them from predators. We mix our own feed so it is medication free and soy free for those with soy allergies. We also add flax seed to the feed to increase Omega-3 benefits.

Bloomington, Illinois

"Dearing Country Farm"

Contact: Brad and Jackie Dearing
Address: 16410 N 800 E
Bloomington, IL 61705
Phone: 309-963-4932
MapQuest Map

Dearing Country Farms is a small family owned/operated farmstead, growing and harvesting an abundant of healthy foods. Our eggs are free-range, and we raise chickens for meat as well. We also grow a full variety of seasonal produce, fruit, berries, melons, flowers, grasses, nuts and herbs. Dearing Country Farms products can be purchased directly from off the farm, at local farmers markets, and at several health food stores.

Angola, Indiana (Larger Ft. Wayne Area)

"Willow Tree Hill Farm"

Contact: Kimberly
Address: 2575 S. 850 E, Angola IN 46703
Phone: 260-414-8027
MapQuest Map

We are 8 and 1/2 miles east of the circle on US 20. We offer pasture-fed brown eggs sold year round. We also take orders for our jumbo broilers, Cornish Game Hens, and turkeys. Since 2007, we have been part of the CSA program which includes producing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cut flowers. If interested, please email me for more information.

Michigan City, Indiana

"Scherf Farms"

Contact: Pete & Rhonda Scherf
Address: 7059 N 600 West
Michigan City, IN 46360
Phone: 219-873-0816

We are a small family farm raising grass fed hens with cage free eggs, pastured poultry, woodland pastured pork, grass fed beef and registered Katahdin sheep. We hope to have the dairy open in the next year with milk from registered Jersey cows.

The 2009 lambs can be reserved with a deposit.

Farm hours are:
Monday to Friday 8am to 2:30 pm.
Weekends by appointment only.

Williamsburg, Kansas (Larger Kansas City Area)

"Keep on Cluckin' "

Address: 1434 Idaho Rd.
Williamsburg, KS 66095
Contact: Terri Papatheodore, Joanne DeRosa and Azure Smith
Phone: (785) 746-5433
MapQuest Map

Directions: We are almost always home, but calling ahead is a good idea. We are about 50 minutes south of Kansas City off I-35.
We specialize in natural, free-range eggs. We have almost 600 birds now and plan to add a few hundred each spring. Our chickens are fed an all natural diet, free of animal products, antibiotics and hormones. The chicks are cooped until they are fully feathered, then they are turned into a fenced yard for a couple more weeks. Chicks and adults are all cooped at night to protect them from predators. We have three custom-built insulated coops complete with roosts, nesting boxes and fresh air.

During the day our layers and fryers have access to 160 beautiful acres filled with all kinds of bugs and frogs to eat.

We have a variety of breeds including rare breeds. The majority of our eggs are brown, but we also have green and a few white. We usually have a small supply of double yolks on hand. We also have live fryer roosters available for sale.

Parker, Kansas

ôSynergistic Acres"

Contact: Jeff Hamons
Address: 21733 Iliff Rd
Parker KS 66072
Phone: 913-231-8859
MapQuest Map

We raise Happy Chickens that spend their entire lives on pasture. Our hens have a mobile Hen House that moves them to fresh pastures regularly where they dine on grass, bugs and their favorite - cow pies. Our meat birds are protected inside roomy pasture pens that are moved to fresh grass multiple times per day. They are also allowed to free-choice a 100% organic diet of whole grains.

Olathe, Kansas (Larger Kansas City Area)

"Camp Creek Farms"

Contact: Rick or Cindy
Address: 29050 W 127th Street
Olathe, Kansas 66061
Phone: 913-884-6374
Website at Facebook:
MapQuest Map

Camp Creek Farms is a small family farm southwest of Kansas City. We sell fresh, organic, brown, green and white eggs from our free range hens. We feed our hens an organic mix that produces great eggs. We have eggs for sale all year long. Contact Rick or Cindy with any questions.

Cedar Vale, Kansas (Larger Wichita Area)

"Sparks Family Farm"

Address: 30085 345th Rd
Cedar Vale, Kansas, 67024
Phone: 620-758-2483
Contact: Dave Sparks D.V.M.
Email: drdave at
MapQuest Map

Three generations working together to produce free range eggs, free range broilers, free range heritage bronze turkeys, all natural beef, small fruits, and vegetables. We have farm fresh eggs as well as broilers and beef available year round.

Custer, Kentucky (larger Louisville Area)

"Dixie Chiks Ranch"

Contact: Mary
Custer, Kentucky
Phone: 270-536-3034
Dixie_Chiks_Ranch at
MapQuest Map

We sell farm fresh Brown Eggs. We also have blue, green and pink tinted eggs. Occasionally we sell baby Chicks, Adult Chickens and Banties. Please phone for directions.

Austin, Kentucky (Larger Bowling Green Area)

"Calliopy Ranch"

Address: 1051 Thomerson Park Road
Austin, KY 42123
MapQuest Map

We raise chickens, guineas, and breed LaMancha dairy goats. Fresh, country eggs always for sale. Various produce available during spring and summer. Country crafts available at the ranch and online.

Natchitoches, Louisiana

"Farmer's Kitchen"

Contact: Regina or Michael
Address: 275 Hwy 504
Natchitoches, LA 71457
Phone: 318-354-7353 or 318-663-7355
poultryfarmer001 at
MapQuest Map

My farm address is on Hwy 1 and we sell Fresh Homemade Bread (Several Kinds), Fresh Free Range Eggs, Free Range/Pastured Broiler Chickens, Turkeys at Thanksgiving. We also sell our older hens for gumbo and dumplings.

Natchitoches, LA is considered the "City of Lights" and is a tourist attraction. Come and see us.

Make your order today: 1-318-354-7353 or 318-663-7355

Linneus, Maine

"Sunnyside Farm"

Contact: Joseph & Clare Desrosiers
Address: 406 New Limerick Rd., Linneus ME 04730
Phone: 207-532-7058
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm. We sell all natural chicken, eggs and highbush blueberries. We sell chicken and eggs year round off the farm and through local retail outlets. U-pick blueberries are available mid-july to mid-August. Feel free to contact us!

North Andover, Massachusetts

"K & M Farm"

Contact: Ken Corrao
Address: 638 Waverly Road, North Andover MA 01845
Email: and K&
MapQuest Map

We are a small family run farm specializing in Indian Game, Fresh Brown Eggs, Cornish Hens, Broilers and Roasters. Turkeys in the Fall only. Fresh baked good daily. All poultry is grown total organic (although not certified). We ship anywhere in the U.S. Mon. thru Thurs. Priority Mail.

New Boston, Michigan (Larger Detroit Area)

"Farmers' Grain and Feed Mill"

Contact: Tom Pate
18700 Hannan Road
New Boston, Michigan 48164
Phone: 734-753-4233
MapQuest Map

Carry various types of livestock and poultry, dog, cat and horse feeds. They also custom mix feeds to order. This is a great place to visit ~~~ it is in a historic mill thats over 100 years old!! So give them a call!!

Ypsilanti, Michigan

"Thomason Family Farm"

Address: 211 Woodward St., Ypsilanti MI 48197
Phone: 734-482-2438
MapQuest Map

Thomason Family Farm is an urban micro eco-farm located in historic downtown Ypsilanti, Michigan. We raise French hens, Mini-Nubian-Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, Lions' Mane Dwarf rabbits and organic produce on the 1/10th acre surrounding our 116-year-old Victorian home. Pictures are available on our website. See you there!

Suttons Bay, Michigan Area

"Compass Mountain Farm"

Contact: Maggie and John Gingras
Address: 4626 S. Center Hwy, Suttons Bay, MI 49682
8 mi north of Traverse City; 1 mi west of M22 off Shady Lane.
Phone: 231-271-6481 or 800-968-1778
Email: gingrasj at
MapQuest Map

We are in the Heart of Leelanau County which is described as The Gold Coast of the Midwest. Home of the National Cherry Festival, Interlochen Arts Academy and two Casinos. We are 1 mile from Lake Michigan (Grand Traverse Bay).

We sell:
Day Range Broilers and Layers. Free Range Turkey, Goose and Duck. Black Skin Chicken. Black Broilers. Katahdin(Hair Sheep) Pasture Lamb. Turkey Poults, Goslings, Ducklings and Silkie Chicks. Katahdin Starter Flocks and Breeding Stock.

John holds a Masters Degree in Forages from Michigan State University. We also own Compass Fencing and Grazing Systems, a mail order fencing and livestock watering business, including Pasture and watering system consultation, Design and installation of farm fencing and water systems in Michigan, and custom built residential wood fences.

Port Austin, Michigan

"SNS Farm"

Address: 7345 Carpenter Road
Port Austin MI 48467
MapQuest Map

We sell non-certified brown eggs and have recently converted an old (100 yrs.+) granary on the property into a knit shop doing business as Sticks N String Knit Shop. We only have 24 Hubbards (hens) so we are a small scale producer.

Kerkhoven, Minnesota (2 hours from Twin Cities)

"Coyote Ridge Farms"

Contact: Carol Radtke
Address: 6755 135th Street NW
Kerkhoven, MN 56252
Phone: 320/220-3235
MapQuest Map

We are located about 2 hrs west of the Twin Cities, on US HWY 12 (approx 7 miles west of Willmar). Turn north on County Rd #7 (the Sunburg Rd) and go 2 miles. Look for the old blue truck that has the 'EGGS' sign on it. That's where we're at. We are a working family farm, but still enjoy visitors. It's always best to call ahead.

We sell mostly chicken eggs but also have turkey and duck eggs for sale. Locally, we're known as the farm with the colored eggs (brown green, blue and white). Our birds are never caged, instead, they are pastured and/or free-range.

There are always things to do:

For the kids - they can get to know our many farm critters and their babies. We raise llamas, goats, sheep, turkeys, ducks, chickens, bunnies, pastured hogs, pot-bellied pigs and Scottish Highlander cattle. For the adults - this is wine country. There are many area vineyards (including ours) and wineries. If the season is right, you can help pick grapes in the vineyard.

Hope to see you soon!

Cape Girardeau, Missouri

"Family Friendly Farm"

Contact: Matthew or Rachel Fasnacht
Address: 834 State Highway V
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Phone: (573) 335-1622
MapQuest Map

Family Friendly Farm is a family farm business located just ten minutes north of Cape Girardeau and two hours south of St. Louis. Our desire is to produce the healthiest, most nutritious meat so our customers feel good about eating it and feeding it to their families. They feel confident knowing where their food is coming from, how it was raised, what it was fed and how it was processed. We raise pastured chicken, eggs from hens on pasture, pastured pork and grass-fed beef. All of our animals are allowed unlimited sunshine, fresh air and exercise, never fed antibiotics, hormones, or growth stimulants. Using sustainable agriculture techniques, we provide an environment where they thrive. In return, the animals provide a safe, healthy, nutritious meat for our families to eat.

Customers are welcome to visit the farm often, see the animals growing, help collect eggs or watch chicken processing. This kind of hands-on environment allows the customer to feel like this is their farm, too. That is the way it should be.

If you can't drop by the farm, Family Friendly Farm products are available for purchase through Buyer's Clubs in the Cape Girardeau and St. Louis areas as well as at the Cape Alternative Farmers' Market, located at Arena Park in Cape Girardeau. The market runs from mid-April through August and is open Wednesdays, 8am to noon.

Come on out and experience the difference!

Please stop by our website or drop us an email!

Gerald, Missouri (Between St. Louis and Jefferson City)

"WitnessTree Land & Livestock Farm"

Contact: Gail Cross & Dennis Sahm
Phone: 573-764-2927
MapQuest Map

We are located in Gerald, off Highway 50, between St. Louis and Jefferson City.

We raise Black Minorca, Dark Cornish, and Silver-Laced Wyandotte chickens; Blue Slate and Black Slate turkeys; Black Cayuga ducks; and Pearl, Lavender, and Porcelain guineas. Hatching eggs, chicks, poults, ducklings, and keets available from March until July 1. Fresh table eggs also available, along with garden vegetables, grapes, herbs, and hay.

Absolutely NO hormones, medicated feeds, GMO's, chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides are ever used in our livestock or in our herbs or produce. We practice sustainable and organic methods, and are members of the ALBC, SPPA, and Seed Savers Exchange.

Please call or e-mail for an appointment to visit the farm, especially as we have a "Guard Mule" who patrols the place.

New Listing! 


Farm-raised children are offering FamilyFarm free-range
 eggs available @ 108 W. Brooks St. in Brookfield 
 (LinnCounty) Missouri between Chillicothe and Macon 
 along US36 - advance order required for eggs. [This 
 is 2 doors east of city hall next to State Farm 
 insurance] We eats lots of eggs ourselves and we 
 trade & share some with neighbors so be sure to
 email in advance to request eggs be brought into 
 town. We love visiting but our parents are very
 busy mostly raising children (not for sale) at our 
 little farm so receiving frequent visitors there
 doesn't work for our family. Breeds: New Hampshire,
 Golden-laced Wyandotte, Silver-laced Wyandotte, 
 Delaware, Speckled Sussex, and Dominique chickens 
 as well as Muscovy ducks. These are free-range 
 poultry so they eat anything they find including 
 grasses, many bugs, small snakes, mice and a few 
 small rodents when they find them. We also
 supplement their feed primarily with wheat middlings
 and kitchen scraps and we're considering adding
 oats to their diet. When you come, please bring 
 any clean egg-cartons you may have so we can re-use them. 


Hamilton, Montana (Larger Missoula Area)

"Farm Fresh Organics"

Contact: Paula
Location: Hamilton, Montana
Phone: 406-375-9187
MapQuest Map

We have Eggs - Laying Pullets - Turkeys - Cornish Fryers - Lamb, all "USDA Organic" certified by Montana State Department of Agriculture.

Our chickens are fed the best certified organic feed that is non-corn based. They have free range ad-lib with all the natural goodies the ranch has to offer, fresh mountian creek water to quench there thirst with, and soft organic straw to lay there eggs in.

Our ranch is clean and in a really beautiful setting against the Bitterroot Mountians in Western Montana. We enjoy visitors, by appointment, please. We have been ranching for over 40 years. Our Certified Organic production was started last year, and we will be expanding next Spring to offer rare and tastey herbs, in addition to our certified chickens, eggs, turkeys/fryers & lambs. In our area you can also buy from a big dairy that offers fresh milk and cheese, and a big organic produce plot. So please email or phone to let us know when you would like to come ~~ See you soon!

Cherry Valley, Montana (Larger Glasgow Area)

"Soper Family Farm"

Contact: William & Angela Soper
Address: 36 Cherry Valley Rd.
Glasgow, MT 59230
Phone: (406) 263-4506, 367-5508
Mapquest Map

The Soper Family Farm is situated on 23 acres in beautiful Cherry Valley just 5 miles north of Glasgow, in northeastern Montana. Turn north on Hwy 24. Turn right onto Cherry Valley just past the 6 mile marker. Our farm is the third house on the right.

We raise several varieties of poultry including hens, ducks and geese as well as rabbits. We believe free-range is best for our poultry.

We are in the process of planting a sustainable and all organic Pick-Your-Own garden offering a wide assortment of fruits, vegetables and herbs for our customers. All of our seed stock is heirloom (non-hybrid, non-GMO). We will seek Certified Organic status when we are eligible.

Our goal is to turn our "hobby farm" into a self-sustainable homestead that will more than provide for our family's needs in addition to supplying fresh meat, eggs and produce to our community! We strive to raise our animals in humane ways and as close to their natural habitat as we can offer. We do not believe in using hormones or unnecessary medications and/or antibiotics, however we will not compromise the health of our animals when medical intervention is necessary.

We welcome visitors! Feel free to contact us if you would like to stop by!

Comstock, Nebraska

"J & J Chicken Ranch"

MapQuest Map

J & J Chicken Ranch is a family-owned farm. We offer free range eggs, $1.75 a dozen, fresh every day, and home grown vegitables.

Fallon, Nevada (East of Reno)

"Rise and Shine Farms"

Address: 6166 Lakeview Dr., Fallon NV 89406
MapQuest Map

Rise and Shine Farms is a family-owned farm. We offer free range eggs. Fresh every day. In addition to chickens, we raise Pygmy Goats, Rabbits, Turkeys and Ducks, as well as naturally sustainably grown vegitables.

Amherst, New Hampshire Area

"Nunley's Happy Chicken Farm"

MapQuest Map

We have eggs. Our chickens are the happiest in New England. A nice mix of large bodied hens lay beautiful brown eggs in all shades - many double yolks. We're at 54 Rte. 122 across from Ponemah Greens golf course.

Rutherford County, North Carolina

" Pilgrim Farm "

Address: 625 Pilgrim Rd.
Ellenboro, North Carolina
Phone: 828-289-5522
MapQuest Map

We are located in rural Rutherford County in western North Carolina, at the foothills of the mountains. We have organic and sustainably-raised eggs, produce, poultry, lamb and honey. Please call or email for visiting information.

Gibsonville, North Carolina (Greensboro Area)

"Asgard Farm LLC"

Contact: Eddie or Allie
Address: 2101 Cullen Rd.
Gibsonville, NC
Phone: (336) 266-8113

MapQuest Map

We are a sustainable, "beyond organic", polyculture farm. We currently produce free-range eggs and pastured broilers on the same pasture as our alpacas and mini-nubian goats. All of our chickens are fed a completely ruminant free, medication free feed and receive no medications of any kind. Locally we have the Farmer's Market every Saturday in the Gibsonville Town Green which is where we sell our products.

We do welcome customers to our farm, though we do request advance notice. They should contact us via our farm's Facebook page under Asgard Farm, email at or phone Eddie or Allie at (336) 266-8113. At this point an appointment is necessary as we stay fairly busy.

Our free range hens follow our alpacas on a pasture rotation. That currently means 60 Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red hens have access to over two acres of grass, sunshine and bugs. Our colored broilers are pasture raised in "chicken tractors" following the agricultural model of Joel Salatin's Polyface Farm. They are essentially light weight 6x12 foot enclosures that hold between 25-50 broilers and are moved to fresh pasture once or twice a day, depending on the condition of the pasture. All of our chickens get as much grass, bugs, fresh air and sunshine they can possibly get their beaks on.

Our feed is currently a prepared mixture which contains no medications of any kind nor any animal proteins (a chicken can only get approximately 30% of it's dietary needs from pasture alone). Our only dewormer is diotamaceous earth which is given to all of our stock. We also use no fertilizers or herbicides on our pastures or anywhere on our farm.

We process all of our chickens on our farm, the offal is composted.

We are dedicated to providing a healthy, local, sustainable food source for our community, our friends and our neighbors. Here is a link to an article that was just written about us in our local paper, it was a full front page story.

New Listing! 
Contact: Dorothy 
Location: 2031 Hamlets Chapel Rd
Pittsboro, NC 27312  
919 704-6937
Brown, White and Green Eggs for Sale! 

We are a small free range chicken farm in the Piedmont 
region of NC. We are just outside Chapel Hill in the 
rolling hills and plush countryside of Pittsboro, NC. 
Our birds are fed a high protein diet and enjoy free 
ranging to supplement their diets. Our birds are hormone 
free, antibiotic free and are raised on pesticide free 
vegetables, fruits grains, and pastures. Call us for 
exact directions and hours of operation. We'd love to 
see you! We also are raising French Lop Rabbits for 
breeding and have two wonderful farm dogs and two 
cats. I sell my baked goods at a stand on my property 
right along side of my eggs. Special orders welcome, 
just call or e-mail me at 
Thank you!

Akron, Ohio Area

"Brunty Farms"

Contact: Ron Brunty
Address: 2198 Myersville Rd
Akron OH 44312
Phone Toll Free: 866-785-4313
MapQuest Map

We are a small farm raising grass fed broilers for great chicken meat, and laying hens for their wonderful eggs. The flocks are small; every bird gets the attention it needs to perform well. All meat birds are processed by hand, and checked by four different people to ensure great quality.

All layers are truly free-ranged on 23 acres of woods and pasture. The majority of their diet consist of berries, grasses, seeds, all types of insects and fruits, supplemented with layer feed. In the winter their diet is largely layer feed with alfalfa and flax seed supplements.

Visit us in Akron! Here on the farm we have many different animals for the kids to play with: baby ducks, chicks, rabbits, and many others. For the whole family in Akron we have the famous Football Hall of Fame, the Invention Center, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cedar Point, and Six Flags.

See you soon!

Columbus, Ohio Area

"Red Wicket Market Farm"

Contact: Mike
Address: 12121 Winchester Road
Ashville Ohio 43103

MapQuest Map

Red Wicket Market Farm is a small truck farm 25 minutes from downtown Columbus, Ohio, near Slate Run Metropark and Historical Farm. We produce brown, blue, and green eggs from our free-ranging flock of happy healthy hens, and seasonal fruits and vegetables from our gardens.

Eggs and produce can be picked up at the farm, or dropped off in downtown Columbus (near the Statehouse lawn) most business days. Orders can be made by e-mail:

We are very close to Slate Run Historic Farm, where visitors can see what life was like on an Ohio farm more than 100 years ago, or hike the trails through the park. We are also near Slate Run Vineyard and the Marcy Diner.

Wilmington, Ohio Area

"Johnson Farms"

Contact: Walter Johnson
Email: johnsonpoultryfarm at
Address: 3936 Farmers Rd.
Wilmington, OH
Phone: 937-685-2052

We sell free-range turkeys for thanksgiving and Christmas as well as free-range chickens spring through the fall. We also operate a state inspected processing plant on the farm. We also do Custom processing of Poultry.
MapQuest Map

Sidney, Ohio Area

"Country Pleasures Farms"

Address: 4367 St. Rt. 29 E.
Sidney, Ohio 45365
Phone: 937-492-7943
Contact: Terri Bennett
MapQuest Map

We are a small farm located outside Sidney, Ohio. We raise all natural poultry for meat & eggs, heritage turkey, organically grown fruits & vegetables, jams,jellies and herbal soaps. All of our poultry are given pasture and an all natural custom blend feed that consists of grains, flax, sea products, and an all natural trace mineral/multi enzyme formula. All poultry are free roaming in security and never recieve drugs or stimulants of any kind. We have blue, green, white and brown eggs for sale year round. For more information, newsletter or an order form please e-mail us. Thank you for your support! T. Bennett

Martinsburg (Larger Columbus), Ohio Area

"Amazing Graze Farms"

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Contact: Mike & Marci Blubaugh
Address: 23700 Divan Rd.
Utica, OH 43080
Email: mb at
Phone: 740-668-8200
MapQuest Map

Amazing Graze Farms started as a God-given desire to raise or grow as much of our own food as possible and as naturally as we could. We started slow, but have really been picking up.

We have pastured poultry available from June through September. We have pasture-raised turkeys available the week of Thanksgiving. We have beef cows, pigs, a dairy cow, dairy goats and meat goats. We use all-natural feeds and no hormones or additives. We have eggs year-round from free-range, healthy, happy chickens. We have worms for sale for your garden, fishing, or to start your own worm composting system. We also have worm castings for sale. We raise herbs and will have extra vegetables for sale in the summer of 2001. We are not certified organic, but use no sprays or chemicals. Honey and beeswax will be available this summer. We make and sell goat milk soap in many varieties from all natural ingredients. Baked goods from freshly milled flour are also available.

You are welcome to visit us at any time. Please call first. We are family friendly, so bring the whole family. We have many animals that are also family friendly and enjoy being petted. We send out a newsletter that includes our order form for the meats. If you would like a copy, please call or write with your address. We are half way between Columbus and Cleveland.

Washington C.H., Ohio Area (larger Columbus and Cincinnati Areas)

"Gary & Fiffi Paul's Farm"

Contact: Gary & Fiffi Paul
Address: 7849 US RT 62 NE, Washington C.H., Ohio 43160
Phone: 740-437-7511
E-Mail =
MapQuest Map

We are located just between MT.Sterling,Oh. and Washington Court House,OH on Rt62 Ne. At present are chickens are laying beautiful brown "ORGANIC" eggs. They are fed organic feed from "Curly Tail Organic Farms" in Fredrickstown,Ohio certified OEFFA #303. Our chickens are allowed to run free of cages,they are Happy Chickens! You are welcome to call or send e-mail to purchase some of our chickens fine farm fresh eggs.

Spiro, Oklahoma (larger Ft. Smith, Arkansas area)

"Parker Pond Farm"

Address: 17615 Parker Road
Spiro, OK 74959
Mapquest Map

"We raise a small flock of 30 hens (various breeds) in a cage-free environment. Due to predators, they are not free range, however we have gone to great lengths and expense to ensure they have a large yard and plenty of greens.

We also raise produce grown using organic methods and we sell in-season at the Fort Smith Farmer's Market.

Lebanon, Oregon

"Yankee Acres"

Contact: Linda
36826 Honey Sign Dr.
Lebanon, OR 97355

MapQuest Map

Farm Fresh SOY FREE EGGS from free range, pastured hens fed supplemental peas, wheat, oats, barley, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, alfalfa, brewers yeast, kelp, organic mineral supplement, celtic sea salt, oyster shell and BUGS!!!! Sizes: PeeWee, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. SELF SERVE OPEN ANYTIME.

Just off Rte 20 halfway between Albany and Lebanon. Turn when you see the big sign on the corner that says "HONEY".

Battle Ground, Washington (Larger Portland, Oregon area)

"Bessette Family Farm"

Contact: Paul or Vickie
Phone: 360-624-1676

We are a small family owned and operated farm. Our hens are free-range all day from dawn till dusk. The majority of their diet consist of berries, grasses, seeds, all types of insects and fruits, supplemented with alfalfa, oyster shell and a high protein layer feed that is locally milled. We collect the eggs twice a day and refrigerate them immediately.

Newberg, Oregon

"Dolce Farm and Orchards"

Contact: Kevin & Ann K. Brown
Address: PO Box 695
Newberg, OR 97132
Phone: 503-537-9210

We are a family farm of 50 acres just outside Newberg, Oregon,and 25 miles SW of Portland. We are located in the heart of Pinot Noir Wine country,in the foothills of the Chehalem Mountains.

Our heritage Delaware chickens are fed USDA Certified Organic layer and scratch, and are prolific layers of very large brown eggs. We also raise registered Icelandic Sheep and have much of our land in hazelnuts and Italian plums. Our farm also offers Registered Icelandic breeding stock for sale, Icelandic fleeces and rovings in many colors, luxurious pelts, grassfed lamb and handspun yarns. Call or e-mail us to visit.

Oakland, Oregon (South of Eugene)

"Petal to the Metal Farm"

Contact: Larisa
MapQuest Map

We have recently moved across the US and are now farming in Oregon! We're located south of Eugene off of Hwy 5. Please email me for exact directions. We now offer naturally-hued pastured chicken eggs year round and Muscovy duck eggs in the Spring.

Looking forward to your visit!

Salem, Oregon

"Stonehill Farm"

Contact: Jared
Phone: 503-877-3720
MapQuest Map

Stonehill Farm has been Family Owned and Operated since 1961. We sell organic free range farm fresh eggs, and hens for eggs, and sometimes meat. We also breed and raise Alpacas, and Sheep. We have goats, and other animals here at Stonehill Farm.

Please visit our website for arrangements to purchase eggs Thank you!

Claysville, Pennsylvania (larger Pittsburgh Area)

"Oak Spring Farm"

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P O Box 127
Claysville, PA 15323
Contact: Mike & Norma Peters
Phone: 724-663-5730
nlpeters at
MapQuest Map

Our 120 acre farm is nestled in the peaceful, rolling hills of Claysville, PA, not far from Pittsburgh. We are approximately three miles from I-70 at the Claysville exit. We sell fresh eggs, hay, and llamas. Our eggs come from pastured poultry and our hens are never fed medicated feed. We have llamas for sale and also have stud service available. Visits are welcome but please call or e-mail first.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"Morgan's Farm"

Contact: Rich Morgan or Nicole
Address: 327 Preston Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15214
MapQuest Map

We Raise Show Chickens, Ducks, Geese, and White Turkeys, along with Show Rabbits. We sell Fresh Chicken Eggs, ( White, Brown, and Green) along with Duck Eggs which are great for bake goods, and also sell hatching eggs in the spring only. We also sell fresh veggies. We are locacted 4 miles north of Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. E-mail for prices.

Donalds, South Carolina

"Park Creek Farm"

Address: 355 Mt. Lebanon Rd.
Donalds, SC 29638
MapQuest Map

Eggs from pastured chickens. Tractors moved daily. Also looking for local folks (customers) to begin community supported agriculture program. We grow year round.

Sumter, South Carolina

"Sunny Cedars Farm"

Contact: Russell & Lesa Singleton
Phone: 803-934-6072 or 803-778-6368
MapQuest Map

Farm fresh brown eggs, all natural-No antibiotics, cage-free. We have tasty free-range broilers in the freezer that are plump & juicy. Also raising heritage breed hogs, Duroc, Tamworth on pasture. We mill & mix our own feed on the farm. Come visit the animals & their humans!

Belvidere, Tennessee (Larger Winchester Area)

"Lexi Poultry"

Address: 1132 Farris Creek Bridge Rd., Belvidere TN 37306
Phone: 931-967-8986 (home) and 931-205-4728 (cell)
MapQuest Map

Our family farm is new, and still building. We are selling fresh eggs, pullets, and in the future broilers. All of our chickens are free roaming, and are fed the highest quality feed. We specialize in Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons, and Black Australorps --- the best egg layers. Come by and see our farm. It is nestled in a history-rich area among old homes.

Lexington, Tennessee

"Woods Family Farm"

Contact: Randy Woods
Address: 184 Creasy Rd.
Lexington, TN 38351
Phone: 731-614-0619 & 968-5288

MapQuest Map

Ours are free range chickens who also get some scratch grain. We sell brown eggs and white eggs. We also sell pullets, hens, roosters, bantams, baby chicks, and rabbits.

While you're here, visit some of the several unique historical sites.

We are located 12 miles of Interstate 40 at exit 108. Turn going toward Lexington from the Interstate. Stay on 22 till you get to 22a. Turn right on 22a then go about a mile; turn left onto Poorhouse Road, then go half a mile & turn left onto Creasy Road. We are the first trailor house (blue) on the right.

Brush Creek, Tennessee (larger Nashville area)

"Poultry Hollow"

Address: 116 Wilkerson Hollow Ln
Brush Creek, TN
Phone: (615) 318-9036 or 477-7936
Google Map

"From Our Farm Fresh To You"
Open and Hatching all year, CALL FOR HOURS.
We hatch over 65 breeds of poultry including: Chickens, Ducks, Geese. Guineas, Turkeys, Quail, Pheasants, Peafowl, Bantams.
We offer USDA inspected 100% Naturally raised and processed Chicken & Turkey. All grass-fed and free range birds.

Cage free farm fresh brown eggs high in Omega3's

We are a NPIP Certified healthy farm.

Nashville, Tennessee Area

"Peaceful Pastures All Natural Meats"

Contact: Jenny Drake
Address: 69 Cowan Valley Lane
City: Hickman, TN 38567
Phone: (615) 683-4291
MapQuest Map

About an hour east of Nashville. Directions are on the website.

We raise "organic" veggies, beef, veal, chicken, turkey, lamb and pork. I also do Black Market raw butter, cheese, goat and cow milk. Grass-fed and grass-finished, no hormones, antibiotics, or confinement. In the area of Edgar Evans State Park. Farm tours by appointment (we must charge a small fee), handmade soaps, fleeces.
[Chicken-Feed Note: grass-fed and grass-finished is the most healthy way to raise meat and eggs!]

Kingsbury, Texas (Larger San Antonio Area)

"Parker Farms"

Address: 1650 Gander Slough Road
Kingsbury, Texas 78638
Phone: 830-639-4234
MapQuest Map

We have seasonal produce and fruit (great peaches!), pastured poultry, eggs, beef, and pork (no hormones) raised naturally. Beef is sold by the whole, half, quarter, or even by the pound. Our Bakery building is licensed by the Texas Dept. of Health.

Ector, Texas (Larger Dallas Area)

" Sandlin's Farm "

Phone: 903-961-4895

Fresh country eggs for sale! The egg cartons are mixed and have brown eggs, color eggs (blue, green & pink tinted), and a few guinea eggs. Also we have a few female guineas for sale. Please call for appointment time and directions.

Ganbury, Texas (Larger Ft. Worth Area)

"Three Creek Farm"

Address: 8506 Three Creek Ct
Granbury,Texas 76049

MapQuest Map

Our hens are Welsummers that lay dark brown eggs that are truly rich and tasty. We also have Rhode Island Reds and Buff Orpingtons that all lay large brown eggs. Besides these wonderful eggs, we also sell chicks from all three breeds; the chicks are all tested and vaccinated.

Our hens are all free range; their feed is 90% grass and bugs, which we supplement with flaxseed and small amounts of whole oats and wheat. During winter months they eat winter rye grass, flax seed and whole corn/wheat for protein in place of lack of bugs.

We are 30 min away from the famous Granbury Square that has all types of gift shops and boutiques for young and old. Also the same distance to Lake Granbury. Enjoy your visit here!

Willis, Texas (Larger Houston Area)

"Camille's Cattle Company"

Contact: Camille Bock
Address: 10216 Bilnoski Rd.
Willis, TX 77378
Phone: 936-344-6450
MapQuest Map

Camille's Cattle Company is located in Willis, Texas which is approximately 70 miles north of Houston. Besides our cattle and lamb, we have a great mixed flock of free range chickens that give us and our customers the freshest eggs available. Our birds do not get their beaks clipped are never confined in small cages or packed into large confinement houses. They are protected at night from predators but are released each morning to open pastures where they hunt for bugs and seeds. We feed them a commercial non-medicated layer formula, whole corn and fresh water.

Our wonderful grassfed beef and lamb are also free of any chemicals, drugs or hormones.

Austin, Texas Area

"Pecan Creek Farm"

Contact: Bill and Joan Cabaniss
Address: 1215 CR 415
Taylor, TX 76574
Phone: 512-365-5840
MapQuest Map

We are located about 40 miles north-east of Austin. Our speciality is free-range chicken eggs----boy are the yolks yellow! Our birds are free to roam the entire farm all day. We also sell laying hens in the spring from fall hatches. Goats, donkeys and a few cows make up the rest of the residents here.
[Note: See Granger Lake when you visit Pecan Creek Farm!]

Dallas, Texas Area

"Good Earth Organic Farm"

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Contact: Lynn Magedson
Address: 8629 FM 272, Celeste Texas 75423
Phone: 903-496-2070
MapQuest Map

Our farm is located in Northeast Texas, north of Greenville, about an hour from the Dallas area.

We produce organically grown vegetables, free-range eggs and pasture raised, grass-fed lamb. We sell from area farmer's markets as well as from our farm. See our website for updated information.

Dallas, Texas Area

"Rehoboth Ranch"

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Contact: Robert and Nancy Hutchins Family
Address: 2238 County Road 1081, Greenville, TX 75401
Phone: (903) 450-8145
MapQuest Map

Located in Greenville, 40 miles northeast of Dallas.
Great map to farm
is at

There is a place in Texas, outside the sleepy little town of Greenville, where the cock still crows and the cows still chew their cud. Wooly lambs and frisky calves still skip and play in green pastures while children gather golden brown eggs and milk a cranky cow. Mama still wears an apron and has happy-faced twin toddlers in tow. All is peaceful and in harmony. It's in this setting that our beef and lamb are carefully raised and tended. It's this low stress environment which naturally produces the best meat possible for you and your family.


Kerens, Texas (1 or 2 hours' drive from Dallas)

"J. B. Farms"

Contact: Jeffery Baxter
Address: #237 State Hwy 309
Kerens, TX
Phone: 903-396-3252

We're in a brick house located in front of Sankofa Farms. Here at J.B FARMS we guarantee to sell you the freshest eggs. We sell medium sized chicken eggs, and large Pekin White duck eggs (seasonally). In addition, we sell Californian and Mini Rex rabbits. Call or email me anytime for more information.

Kilgore, Texas (South of Longview)

"Big Oaks Ranch"

Contact: Danny or Carletta Burrows
Phone: 903-643-0530

MapQuest Map

Big Oaks Ranch sells pasture-grazed yard eggs, Our hens graze the pastures and fields freely. The eggs are of superior quality and free from added hormones, feed fillers, antibiotics, herbicides and pesticides. In "pastured poultry" the hens are provided with mobile coops with laying boxes. The hens roost and lay the eggs in these boxes; the coops are moved over fresh pasture every two or three days. The litter goes to the ground as fertilizer. The coops are cleaned every day. The chicken litter is recycled through the ranch compost pile. This maintains a clean and healthy environment for the animals and is a natural and organic means of fertilization. The Big Oaks Ranch roosters keep the hens happy!

We also sell Grassfed Beef, Grassfed Goats, Hay, and APHA Horses! Directions to Big Oaks Ranch are on the website. Please call us for a visit or an appointment.

Orwell, Vermont (Larger Rutland Area)

"Mount Independence Organic Farm"

Address: 28 Shoales Drive
Orwell Vermont 05760
Phone: 802-948-2200
MapQuest Map

At Mount Independence Farm, we are dedicated to preserving the farming practices that have sustained us for centuries. Our poultry and plants thrive with whatever Mother Nature has to offer and nothing more.

We specialize in rare and difficult to grow medicinal and culinary herbs, both decorative and edible flowers, game birds and fresh eggs and poultry. Take a day trip and explore some of our still untouched towns. You can catch us at the Orwell Farmers Market, every Friday from 3.30 to 6.30 in the center of town, stop at Buxton's General store and plan a picnic, or visit us at the farm on your way for a hike or a summer concert at the Mount Independence Historical Site.

Williamstown, Vermont

"Critter Meadows Farm"

Contact: Dan& Merri Paquin
Address: 223 Gilbert Rd.
Williamstown, VT 05679
Phone: (802)917-2326

MapQuest Map

Critter Meadows Farm is a small family owned farm. Here we run a certified organic dairy. The farm homes dairy cows, chickens,and goats. Year around we sell organic raw milk, fresh eggs,and also during the summer we sell produce from the vegetable garden. If need directions to the farm call Merri at (802)917-2326.

East Orange, Vermont (Larger Montpelier Area)

"Sugar Mountain Farm"

Contact: Walter Jeffries
Address: 252 Riddle Pond Road
East Orange, VT 05086
Phone: (802) 439-6462
Email: walterj at
MapQuest Map

Our farm is located east of Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, along Rt-302. We breed and raise the following pastured livestock: pigs, chickens, ducks, guineas, sheep and guardian obedience dogs for herding and guarding our animals and children. We offer eggs, laying hens, ducks, whole pigs, half pigs, quarter pigs and annual CSA Subscriptions of Pork and Eggs - a quarter pig and three dozen eggs for your kitchen four times a year. Our animals are raised primarily on pasture, hay, forage, veggies, crops we grow, milk and cheese for the best tasting and healthiest meat from our farm to your table.

Brookneal, Virginia (Larger Lynchburg Area)

"Idyll Acres"

Contact: Idyll Acres
Address: 823 Pump Rd.
Brookneal VA 24528
MapQuest Map

We sell free range eggs of brown, white and pastel colors. If interested in buying eggs, call or email. Pick up or delivery to Lynchburg once/week on Sundays. We also breed Nigerian dwarf goats.

Scottsville, Virginia

"Baugher Farms"

Address: 867 Noell Ln.
Scottsville VA 24590
Phone: 434-295-7740

Our farm is right past Monticello, & Ashlawn-Highland (homes of Presidents Thomas Jefferson & James Monroe..respectively) and just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia.

We sell pastured chicken eggs, fresh herbs, Thai peppers, Grass Hay, and various vegtables (in-season. Vistors are welcome but please call first (434-295-7740). Eggs sell for $1.50 per Doz. and are collected daily. We also sell seasoned White Oak firewood.

Saltville, Virginia

"Rich Valley Pasture Poultry Grazers"

Contact: Steve Morris
Address: 3142 Valley Road
Saltville, Virginia 24370
Phone: 276-780-0522

We are about 90 miles west of Roanoke and also from Winston-Salem. From Chilhowie, take highway 107 North 4 miles to Valley Road. Turn Right on Valley Road, go 3 miles and you will see our store on the right. For detailed directions from your location, Click Here.

We provide pasture eggs, chicken, turkey , rabbits, and beef for the health conscious families of the area. We believe that fresh air and sunshine, clean pasture paddocks and an all natural balance in vitamins and minerals work together to create the best poultry products you'll find anywhere. We raise our poultry without antibiotics, steroids, fecal air, and artificial light, that can be harmful to consumers. Our poultry is allowed to roam on fresh grass.

Come visit us! We're about five miles from Hungry Mother State Park. Easily accessible from Interstate 81, this park has folklore and history, swimming, camping, cabin rentals, boat rentals, and hiking. Also nearby are the Bristol Motor Speedway, and the Barter Theatre, one of the oldest professional acting theatres in the nation, famous for many actors getting their starts here, while accepting produce for admission during the Great Depression.

Spokane, Washington Area

"Rocky Ridge Ranch"

Contact: Gary Angell
Phone: (509) 796-3988
Cellphone: (509) 953-0905
MapQuest Map

We are a family farm located 30 miles west of Spokane, selling real free range eggs, and other natural-fed livestock. In addition to grazing on pasture, our animals are only fed natural grains, hay, and mineral supplements. We never use or give our animals chemicals, animal by-products, waste residues, or artificail growth stimulants such as hormones, streriods, antibiotics, etc.

Our chickens are free range and wander the barnyard and adjacent pastures at will. Egg hunts are conducted daily and sold farm-direct. They are always in high demand and we are considering expanding this operation.

Battle Ground, Washington (Larger Portland, Oregon area)

"Bessette Family Farm"

Contact: Paul or Vickie
Phone: 360-624-1676

We are a small family owned and operated farm. Our hens are free-range all day from dawn till dusk. The majority of their diet consist of berries, grasses, seeds, all types of insects and fruits, supplemented with alfalfa, oyster shell and a high protein layer feed that is locally milled. We collect the eggs twice a day and refrigerate them immediately.

Oroville, Washington (north central WA)

"3-Bell Ranch"

Contact: Tara
Oroville, Washington
Phone: 509.560.4331

Mapquest Map

Eggs, beef, pork, rabbit-- all raised on pasture without hormones, antibiotics, or Franken-Foods. We are focusing on rebuilding our soil, for our land, once orchard, was depleted of real, organic materials. In rebuilding our dirt we do not use toxic waste tainted fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or other substances detrimental to soil health.

We strive to create pastures and gardens for our animals that promote great health, naturally. We are gearing up to use our small, gaited saddle horses on our ranch to help with hay production and other ranch chores. We're located in North Central Washington, and are a WWOOF sponsoring farm. Please phone ahead to visit. See you soon!

Rosalia, Washington (larger Spokane area)

"Palouse Pastured Poultry"

Contact: Allen Widman
Address: 4 West Babb Road
Rosalia WA 99170
Phone: 509-523-4833

MapQuest Map

Palouse Pastured Poultry, located just 30 miles south of Spokane, is a small family-owned farm in the heart of the Palouse country in eastern Washington. It is an area renowned for its rolling hills and grain production.

We specialize in raising all natural pastured poultry, including USDA certified-organic, free-range broiler chickens and turkeys; grass-fed, free range chicken pullets and eggs, and duck eggs.

You can call us directly to place an order, or visit us at the Spokane Farmers Market, Saturdays and Wednesdays, 8am-?1pm, or the Kootenai County Farmers Market, Saturdays, 8am-?1pm; both markets run May?October.

Spokane, Washington Area

"Our Farm"

Contact: Jean
City: Cheney, Washington
Phone: 235-6120
MapQuest Map

Our Farm is located in Cheney, Washington located just 15 miles west of Spokane. We sell fresh brown eggs from chickens that are fed natural grain and run around the farm eating grass, etc. We collect our eggs daily. If you are interested in getting eggs from us, please call Jean at 235-6120 or email In addition to eggs, we also sell quarter horses.

Oroville, Washington (north central WA)

"3-Bell Ranch"

Contact: Tara
Oroville, Washington
Phone: 509.560.4331

Mapquest Map

Eggs, beef, pork, rabbit-- all raised on pasture without hormones, antibiotics, or Franken-Foods. We are focusing on rebuilding our soil, for our land, once orchard, was depleted of real, organic materials. In rebuilding our dirt we do not use toxic waste tainted fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or other substances detrimental to soil health.

We strive to create pastures and gardens for our animals that promote great health, naturally. We are gearing up to use our small, gaited saddle horses on our ranch to help with hay production and other ranch chores. We're located in North Central Washington, and are a WWOOF sponsoring farm. Please phone ahead or email us to visit. See you soon!

Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

"Morningside Farm & Orchard"

Contact: David and Robin Booth
Address: Morningside Lane, Fort Atkinson WI
MapQuest Map

We have Free Range eggs March through December. Also apples and pears from late August through October. Plus goat products as available.

Monticello, Wisconsin (Larger Madison Area)

"Red Lantern Farm"

Contact: Bill & Susan Wetherington
Address: N5761 County Rd. F, Monticello WI
Phone: 608-938-1370
MapQuest Map

We currently have eggs available and will have our first batch of chickens ready May 26th. While not organic, all birds on pasture receive non-medicated feed. We have a few lambs now, and should have some beef and lamb available this fall. In order to try to meet the needs of the Oriental communities, we also raise some black birds which are available live or dressed. Farm visits are welcome and encouraged.

Monticello boasts a four star gourmet restaurant - open Wed. through Sat. nights - three cheese factories and connection to the Sugar River Trail for biking or walking. Also, Monroe and New Glarus are near by with their golf courses, Swiss attractions, local breweries and festivals.

We are located 3 miles East of Monticello on County F (formerly St. Hwy. 39). Monticello is 9 miles North of Monroe WI and approximately 30 miles South of Madison on Hwy 69.

Lake Mills, Wisconsin (Larger Madison Area)

"TZ Enterprises"

Contact: Randy, Judy and Sandralee Tholen
Address: N7597 Rock Lake Rd.
Lake Mills WI. 53551
Phone: daytime= 920-648-5329, nights/weekends= 920-648-3450
MapQuest Map

We are a small family owned/operated farm north of Lake Mills, WI. We offer fresh brown eggs and are taking orders for our turkey and jumbo broilers. We also may be offering chicks and started pullets in 2005. Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for orders or questions. We are happy to serve you days, nights and weekends,
but please call or email us first.

Cashton, Wisconsin Area

"Cannon Valley Percherons"

Contact: Lori & Marc Volden
Address: 9021 Maverick Ave.
Cashton, Wisconsin 54619
Phone: 608-269-9036
MapQuest Map

We are a small family farm 20 miles west of LaCrosse, and 40 miles northeast of Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have a small flock of free range (Day) chickens and have Farm Fresh Brown eggs available from March to October. We also raise and train (for farm) Grey Percheron Draft Horses. We are 9 miles south of Sparta, or 7 miles north of Cashton- Visitors Welcome!

Chetek, Wisconsin

"Our Chicken Farm"

Contact: Ralph or Katie
Phone: 715-924-2034
MapQuest Map

Our chicken farm is located in Chetek Wisconsin. We are 40 miles north of Eau Claire wisconsin. We have fresh brown eggs. We collect them daily. They are naturally fed call ahead please at (715)-924-2034 and ask for Ralph or Katie you can email us at

New Listing! 

Contact:  Pat Volkmann

We have free range eggs available daily.  Our chickens 
and geese enjoy a mix of grains and grasses as they 
roam around on our farm. We also have a large assortment
of seasonal vegetables.  Our CSA program is a great
value.  Our farm is located near Fredonia, Wisconsin, 
about 30 minutes north of Milwaukee.


Cheyenne, Wyoming Area

"Idle Thyme Farm"

Contact: Shelly Elliott
Address: 3957 Paradise Road
Carpenter, WY 82054
Phone: 307-630-9547
MapQuest Map

pyo u-pick you pick free range eggs

We are a certified organic vegetable farm and raise pastured poultry. We have farm fresh eggs available everyday! The farm is an easy 15 minute drive from Cheyenne and is definately worth the visit! Please call Shelly at 307-630-9547 for directions to the farm.

Fonthill, Ontario, Canada Area

"Kippenberg Farms"

Address: 2744 Holland Road
Fonthill, Ontario
Canada Postal Code: L0S-1E6.
kippenbergfarms at

Located in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. We produce Certified Organic Free range Eggs , Chicken and Turkeys

Paris, Ontario, Canada

"Cobblestone Farm Paris"

Address: 207 West River Road
Paris, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 519-442-1669

Mapquest Map

Our hens have access to Lay Ration with Flax and are able to free range weather permitting. Their egg yolks are almost orange in colour. Please see our website and phone before visiting.

Parkhill, Ontario, Canada

"Faith Farms"

Contact: darcy rice (owner)
Address: 33559 prance rd.
parkhill, ontario n0m2k0

eggs, free range meat poultry, and veal/beef all organic grown no artifical feed,grass and hay fed cattle.

**small flock member, chicken farmers of ontario**

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Area

Many splendid farms listed on this website!
Here is just one of several that have eggs .......

"Home Farm"

Contact: Kathy Millar
Telephone: 250-748-0487
Address: 2881 Mountain Road, Duncan, B.C.

We sell eggs from pastured hens who live in an egg mobile and also eat vegetables and fruit when in excess. We?re always up for a visit; please call first.

Bon Accord ~ Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Area

"SEVEN B.R.O. Farms"

Contact: Dallas and Michelle Koenig
Box 925 Bon Accord,
Alberta, Canada, T0A 0K0
Phone: 780-921-2577 ~~ Please call for a tour or visit
dillydally @

We are a family operation, and we have seven sons! Visitors are welcome! We pasture our chickens, turkeys and ducks. We raise New Zealand White and Rex rabbits. We raise pigs and are just getting into beef. This year our products will include grass fed poultry, turkeys and ducks, eggs, beef, pork and rabbit.

The B.R.O. stands for "Beyond Regular Organic" while having seven sons gives us the "Seven Bros" aspect as well. We and each of our seven sons would be glad to show or share our enterprise with you. Contact us by phone, mail, or email. We would love to hear from you!

Yorkshire, England area

"Yorkshire Organic Earth"

Owner: Stuart Allen



There is also an online search for farms across the whole USA. It is searchable either by zip code or by clicking on their map, at
directory to farms that sell pick your own pyo u-pick you pick free range eggs 

free-range eggs ranch eggs organic eggs pastured poultry grass-fed farm produced eggs organic eggs country farms chicken meat 

chicken eggs fertile eggs natural eggs


We offer free listings on this page for farmers who welcome customers to come buy eggs.
Please email us with some or all of the following information:

Your farm's name
Contact person(s)
Phone number
Email address
Description: Please describe what the farm sells, and especially how you feed and raise your hens. If you like, include what your farm is like and other things of interest. Also, some things that visitors can do or see when they come to your area. No charge for this service.

Thank you, from ChickenFeed!

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Search for Farms
in Local Harvest

Organic Chicken Feed at


Types of Feed

Mash: a blend of several feed ingredients, ground to a small size but not to a powder
Pellets: small kernels of compressed mash, causing birds to eat the whole blend, not pick and choose
Crumbles: pellets broken up into smaller pieces
Starter: a blend of feed for chicks and growing birds, usually in the form of mash; approximately the same as "Grower"; can be replaced with "adult" food as soon as chicks go for it, somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks of age
Grower: approximately the same as "Starter"
Layer: feed blend for chickens that are laying eggs, having extra calcium and protein added
Broiler: feed blend for chickens that are growing as fast as possible, in order to be harvested for meat as early as possible
Scratch: whole grains fed separately to chickens, usually scattered on the ground or litter of the coop; usually a mixture of grains, such as wheat, rye, oats, etc. (corn/maize must be cracked before using as scratch grain)

Feed Ingredients

Concentrate: a blend of protein-rich foods, plus any other nutrients desired; usually fed together with a grain ration
Grit: angular, hard crushed rock, preferably from granite, used by the chickens in place of "teeth" --- seashells and bone CANNOT substitute for grit; for confinded birds, grit should be offered several times a month at least; it should be of the right size for the age of the bird (see Baby Chicks page); birds allowed to free range don't need to be offered grit -- they find their own ideal sizes and types to suit themselves
Corn: American term meaning maize corn, or "corn on the cob" (in England "corn" means what grain means in the US, that is, all food grains)
Grain: American term meaning any small, hard seeds, especially grass-family seeds (called corn in England); provides energy, B vitamins, phosphorus, and the whole grains are a fair source of protein, too
Bran: the outer coating of a kernel of grain; extremely high in silicon, which slows down its decomposing in the soil; cheap by-product of milling, often given away free by large mills
Germ: the embryo plant inside a kernel of grain; very nutritious and high in protein; wheat and rice germ (also called "rice polish") are a saleable by-product of milling
Middlings: an old milling term for the parts of the kernel that are milled off with the germ, and probably contain both the starch and bran (please email me if you have more specific information :-)
Calcium: provided by sea shells, crushed bone, and fresh or dried greens --- amounts need to be measured closely, if not free range; must be provided in higher quantities as soon as chickens begin to lay eggs
Protein: any food high in amino acids, used to build tissues; protein quality is determined by the "completeness" of the amino acid varieties in the food source; all meats, eggs of all kinds, milk, cheese, nuts, seed germs, and soy beans are high protein sources
Amino acid: a molecule that is one building block of protein; there are many different amino acids, most of which can be manufactured in the body; the few that cannot must be supplied by foods, and are called "Essential Amino Acids"; a food that supplies all 8 essential amino acids is called "complete"
Vitamins: an old, general term meaning "life-giving"; a chemical found in nature or made by man to imitate natural ones; new vitamins, and new uses for known vitamins, are always being discovered
Minerals: non-life-created chemicals found in nature; these and vitamins can be added to dietary regimens to improve health; sea water contains all the minerals of the earth, in their natural forms and safe amounts; "trace minerals" are those needed in relatively very tiny amounts, and can be highly toxic if these amounts are exceeded; "macro-minerals" are those needed in large amounts, such as calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium
Kelp: sea-weed, plants that grow in the sea; contains all the minerals of the earth; all kelp is edible, and can easily be dried and fed to chickens by clipping a sheaf of it to something in their area (also, this replaces any need to add salt to their rations)

Methods of Raising Poultry

Free range: ideally, not controlled by fences, able to get to fresh greens and insects; as commercially used, this term allows fences, with minimum amount of space per bird set by government agency definition
Pastured poultry: hens kept in movable, usually wheeled, pens, moved daily over fresh pasture, creating delicious meat and the very most nutritious eggs (and very fertile pastureland, too)
Organic: inspected by government agencies, organic food sources must not contain traces of harmful chemicals; the term as currently used does not insure that poultry has been raised in the best possible way, only that it has near zero harmful ingredients

Types of Chickens

Pullets: female chickens in their first year of lay, or prior to their first moult; female baby chicks
Hens: female chickens in their second year of lay, or after their first moult
Straight Run: a random mixture of male and female baby chicks, usually less expensive than only pullets
Cockerels: male baby chicks; male young domestic fowl
Rooster: adult male chicken, or adult male of other domestic or non-domestic fowl
Broilers: chickens raised to be eaten
Meat birds: old term for broilers
Layers: chickens raised to be egg-layers
Layer-Broiler: chickens raised to be both egg-layer and to be eaten
Bantam: a miniaturized chicken of any breed; most breeds have a regular-size and a bantam variety
Banty: same as Bantam


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