How to Get Out of Mud

As soon as you feel your tires losing traction, stop the motor,
and place your Lions Grips in front and back of the driving tires.

Lions Grip TRACTION PADS ™ hold their ground as the car drives out.

In deep, slippery mud, the vehicle drove out without spinning its tires, as shown here by the fact that the tread marks are very clear, not smeared. The direction of travel was to the right in this photo. The Traction Pad on the right is the one that connected the tire to the mud, and kept it from spinning. The pad on the left was not needed, but was placed there in case a rocking action was attempted.

In this case, the vehicle drove out in reverse, not forward. One never knows which direction of travel will be the best for getting out of any possible situation. That is why Lions Grip TRACTION PADS ™ are the best choice for your vehicle's safety kit.

Only Lions Grip TRACTION PADS ™ allow placement in front and behind the driving tires!

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