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Usable information on weights and measures of all kinds, from the very most ancient to the ultra-technological, are here being presented for the student, the researcher, and the just plain curious.

weights and measures converter

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A Usable Guide to Weights and Measures : Written by one of the foremost modern experts on the subject, this "dictionary" is the authoritative answer for definitions of measurement terms, common and rare alike. Stacy V. Jones supplies fascinating historical perspective, too, around the activities involved in measuring everything known to man.

Medieval French Units of Measurement : Whatever your needs, this information is taken from an original Vatican manuscript, so is quite authoritative on the definitions of weights and measures of all kinds in ancient France

Measuring Grains : Man's need to trade in grains gave rise to a vast domain of weight and volume terminology. This vital function remains one of the most significant measurement activities of our modern times, as it was in our ancient past.

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weights and measures converter
weights and measures converter

Best Library Books

The MacMillan Dictionary of Measurement: Values, Volumes, Frequencies, Temperatures, and Speeds
by Mike Darton & John Clark, MacMillan Publishing Co., NY, 1994; 4,250 entries, 35 categories, 50 illustrations; Call# 510.8503 D226

The World of Measurement
by H. Arthur Klein, Simon & Schuster, NY, 1974; Call# Ref 510.85 K64

Science Projects About Methods of Measuring
by Robt. Gardner, Enslow Publishers, NJ; Call# 510.85 G228; www.enslow.com

The Weights and Measures of England
by R.D. Connor, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1987, Call# 510.85...

Weights and Measures Directory: NCWM Publication 2, NBSIR 88-3756
by US Dept of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, Call# 510.8503 W4195

Basic Training Guide to the New Metrics & SI Units
Ed. Robert S. Sellers, National Tool, Die & Precision Machining Assn., 9300 Livingston Rd., Washington DC 20022, 1972, Call# 510.85 S467

A Dictionary of Weights and Measures for the British Isles: The Middle Ages To the Twentieth Century
by Ronald E. Zupko, American Philosophical Soc., Philadelphia, PA, 1985, Call# Ref. 510.8503 Z95-3

Scales & Weights: A Historical Outline
by Bruno Kisch, Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, CT, 1965, Call# Ref. 510.85 K61

A Parisian Journal 1405-1449, From the Anonymous Journal d'un Bourgeois de Paris trans. by Janet Shirley, Oxford, Clarendon, 1968, Call# 944.36 P234

Revolution in Measurement: Western European Weights and Measures Since the Age of Science by R.E. Zupko, Call# Ref 510.85 Z95

French-English & English-French Dictionary of Technical Terms Used in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Mining Engineering & Allied Sciences & Industries by J.O. Kettridge, London, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., Call# F. Ref 620.3 K43